Momentum of the disappointment and fear emanating from Election Day 2016 has made this Election Day Tuesday, Nov. 6, the most pivotal time in recent history with respect to our democracy. While Democrats have renewed vigor in the election process to win what they can in Congress, the president’s supporters and the GOP have a lot of hope to maintain and keep pushing forward what they have accomplished thus far. For Democrats, Republicans in power mean more chaos and regressive and inhumane policies. Republicans hope to continue undoing what they see as an unfair encumbrance of bad policies set by Democrats.

On a local level, district elections are proving to be almost as polarizing and anger-inducing as Democrats versus Republicans. But there remains a profound hope in democracy as being fair and just to the citizens of the United States and of Ventura County.

For this election cycle, we chose to endorse candidates for the new district elections for Oxnard and Ventura, plus measures and state propositions. The vast number of candidates running for office from school boards and the college district to various municipal districts, and so on, would take an army to fully vet. Our endorsements are based on our experiences working with candidates in the past as well as performance at forums and during interviews.

When it comes to choosing the best to represent personal interests, however, voters should take initiative to learn as much as they feel comfortable with before they vote. Do your part to make your community and this country the best it can be: VOTE!

Below, find links to our endorsements.

City Council Endorsements
Proposition Endorsements
Local Measure Endorsements