Oxnard’s first regional film festival is still a year away . . . but a preview of coming attractions is on the horizon.

The Sight + Sound Film Fest, billed as “a cinematic experience for the senses,” will officially take place in August 2019. To drum up interest and involvement, the city of Oxnard and the Oxnard Performing Arts and Convention Center will present a preview on Thursday, Aug. 16. The celebration will include an introduction by festival organizers Luis Güereca (founder of the Oxnard Film Festival) and Carolyn Mullin (Event Coordinator for the PACC), DJs, a “sizzle reel” and a reception for local filmmakers, artists, musicians, actors and cinema fans. Festival committee members Anitra Lawson, new head of the film department at Oxnard College, and Arcelia Martinez of CAPS Media will describe the festival’s scope and offer guidance on the submission process, as well as resources available to filmmakers.

“There you will able to meet other like-minded cinema and music aficionados,” says local filmmaker Julio Alcalá. “It will be great to connect and network and support local cinema.”

Alcalá helped coordinate a video showcase of short films produced by other local filmmakers. He’s also working on a new project involving the writings of Michele Serros, the renowned Oxnard poet who passed away in 2015. “Michele Serros was a good friend, and through this short film I hope to bring her quirky, witty, socially conscious writings about growing up in small-town Oxnard to life,” says Alcalá. He’s still looking for local actors and hopes that interested parties will seek him out at the Sight + Sound Preview Party.

The actual festival coming next year is slated to include workshops in video editing and special-effects makeup, and will have a diverse lineup of films, with narrative, nonfiction, student shorts and even videos created for the Web. Contributions are still being sought, and the preview party will be an invaluable resource for those hoping to participate. Hit the PACC on Thursday night to find out what Sight + Sound is all about.

The Sight + Sound Preview Party takes place on Thursday, Aug. 16, at 7 p.m. at the Oxnard Performing Arts and Convention Center, 800 Hobson Way, Oxnard. For more information, call 805-385-8147 or visit www.oxnardperformingarts.com.