County wants opinion on bus fare increases

The Ventura County Transportation Commission is considering a plan to raise fares over a two-year period, but before doing so, the commission wants to hear from you.

The VCTC says that the fare increase is needed to cover the increasing costs of service, noting that the last time fares were adjusted was 2011.

“It is important for VCTC’s customers and other interested parties to give us their feedback at this juncture,” said Darren Kettle, VCTC Executive Director. “As the Commission explores options for ensuring the Intercity bus system remains financially sound, we need to hear from the people who ride.”

The VCTC is taking input through Friday, Sept. 7, via an online survey in both English and Spanish, email, phone or mail. For more information and links, visit or call 800-438-1112.

Course on self defense taught to senior caregivers

The calculated foot of a karate kick will be coming to a criminal’s temple near you if the staff of Cypress Place Senior Living in Ventura has anything to say about it.

On Tuesday, Aug. 14, staff will be given instruction on how to take down an assailant, defend themselves against weapon-wielding baddies, including active shooters, and special instruction on how to use the high-tech Defense Alert Device, all courtesy of Senior Law Enforcement Officer Gloria Marcott and TigerLight.

TigerLight’s Defense Alert Device combines nonlethal pepper spray with a GPS locating device. When used, the device ejects the spray deterrent as well as sending an emergency text message to employees at the Senior Living Center.

Marcott, who has 15 years of experience as a law enforcement officer and is a master instructor for TigerLight, says that the course is designed to teach individuals how to deal with the “active threat at the time” rather than any specific threat, such as a shooter.

“Being prepared is incumbent on all of us,” said Marcott. “We have the duty to take care of those within that facility and ourselves, and we have to focus on it, unfortunately.”

For more information on TigerLight, visit

Oxnard installs aerators in Channel Islands Harbor UPDATED

Bubble bubble, toil and — cleaner water? Recent water quality concerns at the Channel Islands Harbor have led the city (not county as previously reported) to pay for and install underwater aerators in hopes of improving circulation, which will increase dissolved oxygen levels.

On June 18, the city of Oxnard received complaints regarding the odor and appearance of water in the Channel Islands Harbor. Callers claimed that the water had a murky brown color and produced a strong smell, but after thorough testing, the waters were deemed safe.

The aerators will release compressed air into the area. The only sign of the underwater machines’ activity will be bubbles appearing on the surface. Officials say that it is safe to swim and drive a boat as the aerators operate.

Foster Care Summit comes to Oxnard

For families with questions, comments or concerns regarding the potential of being a foster family, the upcoming Foster Care Summit could provide an answer.

Child Hope Services and Foster VC Kids will host a Foster Care Summit, Saturday, Aug. 11, in Oxnard, where community members will learn the ins and outs of becoming a resource family, foster parents or adoptive family.

Special guest speakers will include Jason Johnson, director of the National Church Ministry Initiative with Christian Alliance for Orphans and author of ALL IN Orphan Care; Chelsea Cameron, who was adopted herself; and representatives from both Child Hope Services and Foster VC Kids.

The summit will take place at Calvary Chapel Oxnard, 1925 Eastman Ave., Oxnard from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. For more information, visit