With the modern landscape of the music industry constantly shifting its “tech”-tonic plates, so to speak, there is more competition than ever — for social media presence, airplay, gigs. For many bands, part of adapting to this change has involved staying true to two of the best elements of the industry: collaboration and contemporary support.

These aspects are essential to providing musicians the opportunity to tour while building both a fan base and musical partnership with peers. It is still the most sacred facet of the music industry in my opinion, and Jim Sobo believes this as well.

While playing with the band Hearts and Souls in Copenhagen in the early 1990s, Sobo received the unfortunate news that both his father and mother in Los Angeles had fallen ill. He proceeded to move home and not long after serendipitously landed a song, “Hello,” in the movie, Mafioso: The Father, the Son. The occurrence provided Sobo with the monetary means to move his family to Arizona and into a more comfortable situation for everyone.

This was also where the booking-agent side of Sobo began to shine. Observing the many talented songwriters within his new community, Sobo conceptualized creating a troupe of songsmiths to bring to the city where he left his heart, San Francisco.

Organizing the Howling Coyote Tour in 2005, Sobo used his background as a social worker to pair with Bay Area nonprofit organizations to provide venues for the artists he brought west. Now in its 13th year, Sobo has marked the anniversary by pressing a compilation album featuring songs by Howling Coyote Tour alumni. This record will be sold at every stop the musicians make along the way this year.

Included in the bill for the upcoming tour is Tommy Anderson, a folk, rock and bluesman who has played extensively throughout the Southwest for several years. Joining him will be Rosemary Tracy, who brings an alt-Americana flair to the stage. Sobo serves as emcee and performs as well, rounding out a solid trifecta.

The tour will be making stops at a few different venues locally. On Tuesday, Aug. 7, the trio will be in Oxnard at The Waterside. The following evening there will be a performance in Santa Barbara before the tour returns to Ventura County, with a show at VinTura in downtown Ventura on Aug. 9.

Two opportunities to catch these talented musicians before they roam north to Sonoma County and beyond. Fans of folk, rock and Americana won’t want to miss it!

The Howling Coyote Tour comes on Tuesday, Aug. 7, to The Waterside Restaurant and Wine Bar, 3500 Harbor Blvd., Oxnard, and on Thursday, Aug. 9, to VinTura Tasting Room and Wine Rack, 14 S. California St., Ventura. For more information, call 928-460-3928 or visit www.howlingcoyotetour.com.