Video: Oxnard officer in altercation with suspect before shooting

Video released on Friday, Aug. 3, shows a violent altercation between an Oxnard police officer and a suspect during which an officer-involved shooting occurred.

Oxnard Police Officer Daniel Oncea was on patrol around the Royal Duke Mobile Estates near North Rose Avenue in Oxnard when he saw Joel Tapia Jr. who had outstanding warrants.

Video shows Oncea making contact with Tapia and attempting to place the suspect under arrest when a scuffle ensues. Oncea and Tapia end up on the street, wrestling for several minutes as onlookers watch. Oncea’s revolver becomes dislodged from his belt and the officer retrieves it, firing once, hitting Tapia in the arm.

Tapia fled the scene and barricaded himself inside his home. SWAT and responding officers forced entry into the home and arrested Tapia, who was booked into the Ventura County Jail, where he faces charges of resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer and more stemming from his previous warrants.

Steroids, guns seized from Ventura man

Dustin Kim

On Aug. 2, Ventura County Sheriff’s East County Street Team stopped Ventura resident Dustin Kim, 29, in relation to the sale of illegal steroids and found more than had been expected.

The stop took place at the corner of Spinnaker and Navigator drives near the Ventura Harbor. When officers searched Kim’s vehicle, the found two handguns, which led to a search warrant for Kim’s place of business, which was served via the Street Team, Pharmaceutical Unit, and Camarillo Police Special Enforcement Detail.

Officers searched the business on the 2000 block of Palma Drive in Ventura and a residence located on the 10,000 block of Orange Circle. At the business, officers discovered a “significant amount of illegal steroids” and evidence related to the sale of illegal steroids, as well as a loaded handgun and currency. At the residence, detectives seized handguns, rifles, cash and more illegal steroids.

Over 100 vials and 1,600 pills of illegal steroids were seized in all. A total of five handguns, a shotgun, an assault-style rifle and ammunition, including high-capacity magazines, were also seized, as well as a large sum of cash that detectives believe to be proceeds from illegal sales.

Kim was booked into the Ventura County Jail, arrested for possession for sale of an illegal substance.