Shave It
11 E. Hillcrest Drive
Thousand Oaks

Beating the heat in East County is no easy task. Our strategy went as follows: First, go to West County, hit the beach and swim in the ocean. Don’t forget an umbrella or awning of some sort. Second, after the beach, find shade, anywhere, and try to relax. Third, enjoy a treat of shaved ice. We chose Kona Ice and followed the directions on the phone to a small tract housing development off Wendy Drive in Newbury Park and ended up at a house with no sign of the Kona mobile. Thanks, Apple Maps.

After a brief argument about my inability to follow driving directions that led to an apology and a declaration of serious frustration over Apple Maps, we chose another such business, Shave It in Thousand Oaks. Only one other Shave It exists, in Norwalk.

Located in a small strip mall off Hillcrest Drive, parking was easy but we hurried across the lot to make sure our pups’ paws didn’t scorch on the pavement. The venue has a sleek, modern, breezy feel, decorated in metal, aquamarine and blue tones, accented with white. The center floor tiles inside are touch-sensitive, as deep blue water moves around when walking to the counter.

For those who enjoy a lot of options and combinations, Shave It is a good place for unique syrups such as cotton candy and jungle juice. For us, we chose Tropical Swell (passion fruit, guava and mango with macadamia nut ice cream) and Fancy Pants (banana and pineapple with coconut ice cream). Shave It is clearly not a typical shaved-ice place as traditional serving is shaved ice only. The macadamia nut ice cream had run out so I received vanilla as a substitute.

Our orders came with a dollop of creamy, smooth vanilla ice cream on top our large “Go big or go home” cup, with about half the container of flavored shaved ice and a scoop of ice cream on the bottom. The flavors were on point and the ice cream was a nice balance in texture, but in the heat, all shaved ice might be a better choice. While my partner powered through his cold treat, I found that I simply could not finish mine. But it did not go to waste between my companion and our hot dogs.

No doubt, we will be back for a cooling-off session for the Susie Q, the Penguin Slide, The Grom or some other fun concoction at Shave It in the near future.