Pueblo or pieces!

When President Trumpet recently met with the Dictator Kim Jung Un in Singapore, there is one VERY BIG and DAMNED IMPORTANT topic he failed to cover; the fact that North Korea is STILL, to this day, holding a valuable U.S. Navy vessel; the USS PUEBLO! They hijacked/stole the Pueblo in 1968 and held the crew for 11 months before releasing them. They NEVER, repeat NEVER, released the ship. It is still a tourist attraction in one of the North Korean ports. It has been used as a tourist attraction by North Korea since 1968 to embarrass and humiliate the United States and the U.S. Navy.  A week ago, I sent a “MEMO FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP” to the White House, in which I suggested a solution.

  • Ask the North Korean dictator to give the ship back to us NOW, immediately.
  • If they refuse to release the Pueblo, then launch two or three cruise missiles from one of our numerous, nearby Navy war ships, and blow the ship into scrap metal.

That is NOT a verbatim quote of what I told President Trumpet, but pretty close.

John Jay

Addiction and pain killers

Ventura County, we absolutely need a facility or a floor on a hospital that is set up for psych/mentally ill/addiction recovery AFTERCARE.

The hospitals and doctors are now our biggest producers of new addiction cases, blue- and white-collar, per Narconon International.

We are failing our people who have fought long and hard for their recovery. In a lot of cases, especially the hospitals who EXCLUDE PATIENT HISTORY on recovering addiction patients, even when family members have provided and who are their best resource for documented medical records, in most cases.

One particular hospital in Oxnard could care less about the addiction recovery after surgeries. They insist on giving morphine for nine days to the recovering patients (routine surgery), who are in pain and need relief, but denying them their psych meds at the same time.

The patient is loaded up on what they are addicted to, offered no other options. Doctor can’t get a straight answer from patient, so they just give more morphine. Doctors offered no pain management specialist when family suggested it due to the situation.

Seems the gateway drugs are now prescribed by doctors who get some into this mess. If the patient ever recovers and ends up back in the hands of these doctors, who HAVE DOCUMENTED drug history on this patient. Sometimes then, doctor intentionally disrespects and disregards this individual’s struggles, thus starting all over again in a spiral, leaving family to deal with.

The recovering patient HAS THE RIGHT NOT TO BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF and to remain in recovery too, but more than not, seems the doctors have another agenda.

Isn’t there anybody training properly in mentally ill/psych/addiction patients, who must have surgeries and pain medication? Do we have a specific place for those in need of this kind of care, Mr. Powers? This kind of medicine is a specialty.

Bring a facility back into this county. We have more elders/senior citizens here in trouble and ALL THE FAMILIES are trying to hold down the fort in this area, but WE NEED SERIOUS HELP TO SERVE OUR ELDERS when doctors will not listen and do more harm.

We are failing those in this county that have families that are struggling trying to take care of these loved ones. There is no help when hospital situations arise and the recovering patients wants to keep their sobriety, not to be released and have to start all over again. Where are these doctors during detox? Some family caregivers are on the brink of losing their jobs, their homes, themselves. A little RESPITE here, please!

Dotty Pringle
CareGiver/Patient Advocate

Editor’s note: Narconon International is Scientology organization.

The courage of Ben Carson

What bravery — to propose an abrupt, steep increase in rent for those in HUD’s rent assistance program. Along with eliminating unnecessary things like deductions for children in the home and medical expenses plus the possible imposition of a work requirement, Carson’s proposal will be a great incentive for promoting self-sufficiency, prodding renters to participate more fully in this exciting economy where jobs are plentiful.

This could spell an end to an unhealthy dependence on a federal handout. After all, the federal budget must now stretch to accommodate increased tax breaks and military spending.

While it’s true that doubters and do-gooders predict a resulting increase in homelessness, we must keep faith in the salutary results of the cuts, although no studies indicate this, remembering how well market values have served us in the past.

Moreover fans of this administration need have no fear of any political reprisal, for the population affected is characteristically low clout as well as low income. They can’t afford to donate to politicians and seldom vote. And should any of them become homeless, they can’t register to vote without an address anyway. Sitting ducks.

Margaret Morris

Short changed

This letter is “Two Faced” one part about our wonderful, intelligent, folks that sit on the massive thrones in the Ventura County Supervisors department. The second part is about our equally wonderful, intelligent, folks that sit on the also massive thrones in the Ventura City Council chambers.

A latest headline in an article in the Star says: “Ventura County home-care workers given pay raise.” Now if you just read that headline you would think “Oh what a great thing for those wonderful County Supervisors to do.”

However if you read a bit further in the article you will see that his humongous raise these supervisors are patting themselves on the back for is only for $1.14/hour over the next two years, that equates to $.57/hour per year. With this raise after two years these home-care workers will be making only $13.64/hour, still far behind the proposed $15/hour they have been waving around.  At $13.64 that means these folks will be grossing around $2,183/month. That is before taxes. That is if they are allowed to work 40 hours per week, which is very rare in that job. Can you even imagine making $2183/month less $436.60 in taxes, which leaves $1,747/month.  You couldn’t even rent a decent two-bedroom apartment for that amount of money.

At this time the home care workers are making at the top level only $13.64/hour. These folks are responsible for helping low-income seniors and disabled people with baths, taking medicine, feeding, shopping and cleaning.

Most of the fast food restaurants are paying their employees more than the county pays its home-care workers.

Now I can say with utmost certainty that I personally would not do the job these folks do for less than $50 per hour.

Now for the part about the Ventura City Council.

Another headline in an article in the Star reads: “Council to mull spending plan, fees.” (Exactly what the heck does “MULL” mean?)  This intelligent group of real intelligent people has had a full year to “MULL” about what the heck they are doing. One of the biggest increases to the city is the pension costs. This will be about $19.7 million in 2018-2019; this amounts to a 43 percent increase from four years earlier.

Does this mean that in the past four years the city has had almost 50 percent of its employees at that time put in for retirement? I know for a fact that a few of the retired employees have been rehired by the city at a salary much higher than the one they received while working for the city.

Then the super intelligent members of the Ventura City Council have decided to use $4,350,00 for such things as Safe and Clean Public Places Initiative,(whatever that is), Park Ambassador Program, (another what the heck is that),homeless shelter, community granting program, strategic plan targeting senior citizens. (What are the seniors being targeted for? More taxes?).

Now that is as I said before a total of $4,350,000 for many projects that are beyond wondering about.

Then is their unbridled intelligence that decided to use $1,600,000 for street reconstruction and deferred maintenance. (That amount of money would take care of possibly [1] one good-sized street.)  Why such a massive amount of “deferred maintenance”? Simple answer, the intelligent folks sitting on those council thrones would rather use all the available money on their personal “wonderful” projects like “Safe and Clean Public Places.”

All I can say is now that we are finally going into a real voting system maybe we will get some folks in those Council Thrones that are intelligent to realize that by deferring important projects in favor of personal projects will make sure that the city of San Buenaventura will always remain a second-class city.

Rellis Smith

From a Daughter to her Father

With so many negative and dysfunctional relationships between daughters and their father’s in the world, Sivan Reese, daughter of Retired Navy Petty Officer Brian and Keren Reese referenced the family’s favorite pastime “grilling,” to express her heartfelt love and appreciation for her father on father’s day and beyond.
As “one daughter,” representing many, Sivan would like to share with your readers this beautiful heartfelt sentiment of love “From a Daughter to her Father.”
Dear Abba,
Thank you for making us a good steak.
Thank you for tenderizing us with precise and strong stabs of discipline.
Thank you for marinating us in a beautiful blend of love, passion, kindness, motivation, independence and respect.
Thank you for allowing us to soak up the juices of Judaism and checking in advance that there is enough propane to keep our fire going.
Thank you for keeping the “Grill of Life” clean for us, so we will never know the taste of past hardships and burnt seasonings.
Thank you for making our steak “well-done” so that when someone tries to take a bite out of our self-worth, they won’t get away with it so easily.
Thank you for cutting up our steak into little pieces so we know to take our time, to think deep, to be appreciative, to savor everything.
And, to know that with you as our Abba; there will ALWAYS be leftovers.  We love you!

Sivan Reese
Daughter of Retired Navy Petty Officer Brian and Keren Reese
Port Huemene

Trash rates go up

As a long time city resident, I wanted to share something I find frustrating. My wife and I received our newest bill yesterday from E.J. Harrison & sons yesterday. At the bottom of the statement, they state starting in July, they are increasing residential trash/recycling/brown waste bin pickup rates by a total of 5 percent. The way they word it, to be frank, is BS.  And with only a couple weeks’ notice too. I am a businessman, this would not fly with my customers. I would diligently give them much more notice, with a simpler explanation of why I am looking at increasing my fees for my products and services.  Not a bunch of jargon.

I urge you, our city council, to review the contract you have with E.J. Harrison, as they seemingly have a monopoly here and can say, do and bump up rates, simply because they can. We, as residents, have no other alternative. Have we, as a city, looked into other providers, such as Waste Management that other municipalities across the country utilize? They are a much larger company, are publicly traded, thus having more transparency in contracts with municipalities, in my opinion than a privately held company such as E.J. Harrison, that can seemingly gouge us whenever they feel necessary to make more of the bottom line, $$$. Lastly, in this situation, we as residents, homeowners, renters, business owners, strive and can do our best to reduce our consumption with our other utilities we pay. Edison, SoCal Gas, Ventura water, etc.,.  We use less, we pay less. Not the case in this situation. Only goes up.

Jared Verhoeven

Be a good neighbor

Parking in Ventura is a problem — no breaking news to most residents. For any number of reasons, many establishments don’t have enough parking for their customers, let alone the staff. However, when some local business owners direct their employees to park in residential neighborhoods, there certainly should be a few things that should be considered.

Local business owners, when strange vehicles show up at the break of dawn and stay well into the night, homeowners take notice. When these same employee vehicles block our driveways and when your employees move our trash cans “to get a better parking spot,” homeowners take notice.

Worst of all local business owners, when your employees have the mobile detail guy show up in our neighborhoods, homeowners really take notice!! The excessive noise of the spray hoses, the water run-off and the uninvited environmental consequences are just the start. Did we ask for the soap and the overspray on our yards? Does the city of Ventura want to settle slip and fall issues due to the water on the sidewalks? It’s my understanding that this is an illegal, code violation worthy activity on city streets to begin with and, plain and simple, a reflection on local business owners not being good neighbors.

Being a local business owner has its challenges. I’m very aware of that. Just remember, residents see your business name on your employees’ scrubs and T-shirts. Your office might offer the best teeth cleaning in town or your café might serve the best raspberry jam, but your business, via your employees, may have left a bad taste in the mouth of many of your potential, or even worse, former customers.

Jim Barrick

Desperately needed law

As a California volunteer who worked hard to help pass the End of Life Option Act that allows mentally capable terminally ill adults with six months or less to live, I am outraged that a judge issued an order to overturn the law on May 15 in Riverside.  People are dying now who are suffering without relief and want the option to end their unbearable suffering.

My husband, whose life was ended last December because of the Thomas Fire in Ventura when he got pneumonia from the soot and ash and couldn’t recover, also worked hard in 2015 to help pass the law.  He had cancer and didn’t plan on getting a prescription for the medicine yet, but it gave him and me much comfort to know that, if necessary, his doctor would provide a prescription for him to die peacefully and have his friends and family nearby. It made every day better.

I thanked Attorney General Xavier Becerra for appealing that outrageous court decision to stop the law that our elected officials voted on and Gov. Jerry Brown signed. This was the will of the majority of the constituents of officials who voted for the law. Becerra appealed that decision, but the appeal won’t be heard till June 29 and that’s unconscionable for a law that was passed and signed by Brown.  I hope this is settled quickly and that the important law is available to those who desperately want and need it.

Debbie Diamond