Waypoint Ventura is officially open.

After three years of hunting for and renovating Airstreams and other old-school trailers, the vision has finally come to fruition and seems ideal for tourists looking for unique accommodations in Ventura.

Carey Jonker stands in front of trailers at Waypoint

“We have 16 completed rooms, [plus] a couple of other office trailers,” said Carey Jonker, co-managing partner with his sister, Kelsey. “Each trailer is built out and basically stabilized in place with a deck built onto it with exterior lighting and chairs.”

Carey has been busy renovating and restoring trailers since 2015; he recalled a 50-foot trailer that he had to haul back from San Diego. While the length was an obvious hurdle to moving on the freeway, the trailer had also been a part of a park that had built up around it over the years.

“It had a house built off of it and it hasn’t had the wheels spin [in years]. We had to take down hand rails and cut down trees just to get the thing,” Carey said. He also noted that the farthest distance for pickup was in Arizona.

For proper restoration, the work takes around four to six months generally to get a trailer up to the standards for overnight guests. He said that there are still nine more trailers in storage to add to Waypoint, but they need to be restored. Waypoint Ventura also offers hookups for guests who bring their own vintage and retro trailers, and there are also bicycles for rent on site.

Michele White of Santa Clarita stayed there last weekend (June 23) with her boyfriend. She had been following Visit Ventura on Instagram when a picture of Waypoint Ventura popped up.

“I couldn’t wait for it to open,” she said. “My experience was fantastic. They were very friendly, welcoming, inviting. It was like traveling back in time — we stayed in a 1948 Palace Royale with an outdoor shower. There was a sense of community, not like any other hotel experience I had. Guests got together at the end of the night for s’more activities; it was really nice to hang around by the fire pit and share experiences with others visiting.”

Vintage look.

“When I got there, one of the more interesting experiences — they go through the history of the trailer itself, and how long to restore it that made the experience come more to life,” White said.

Looking back, Jonker said that it wasn’t clear where the idea came from to offer overnight accommodations in renovated Airstreams.

“We have been going over it but no one knows exactly who first threw it out there,” Jonker said.
For Carey and Kelsey, Waypoint is a change of pace, both having been a part of the Toppers Pizza Place family for their entire lives and having worked in managerial positions.

Waypoint Ventura is now booking reservations but welcomes those who are curious and want to see the park.

“We are happy to show them around,” Carey said. Waypoint Ventura is located at 398 S. Ash St., unit E, Ventura.

For more information and booking rates, call 805-888-5750 or go to https://waypointventura.com/.