It’s that time of year. Summer, swimsuits, vacations and, of course, movies. Lots of them. Whereas the last couple of years have featured superheroes, this summer you have more of a choice. The sands of Hollywood have shifted a bit in favor of comedy, horror, action and even documentaries. Maybe bad news for kids, but take heart, adults: Someone is looking out for you. So let’s kick out the jam and roll it.

Deadpool 2

Rated R

Now in theaters

Our favorite motormouth, Deadpool, is back, but the plot in this film sounds more like a mash-up than a movie. Mr. Redsuit with a band of soldiers protecting a young mutant from being kidnapped by a time-traveler. Hope it plays better than it sounds. At least I hope the jokes are funny.

Photo by Jonathan Olley – © 2018 – Lucasfilm Ltd.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Rated PG-13 

May 25

The spinoffs just keep coming. Disney is pumping these out faster than hens lay eggs. Replacement Alden Ehrenreich plays Harrison Ford’s Solo long before he ever met Luke and Leia. Can director Ron Howard pull a rabbit out of a hat? Fans of Star Wars will be thrilled. The rest of us (mostly baby boomers) will remain dazed and confused.

Action Point

Rated R

June 1

Can’t get enough of Johnny Knoxville’s pranks? Jackass returns with Knoxville playing an amusement park owner whose marketing strategy is to play his usual dangerous pranks on paying customers and, of course, himself. This to avoid bankruptcy. Strictly for people who find pain and suffering (and supreme stupidity) amusing.


Rated R

June 8

Horror gets its launch in this thriller starring Toni Collette as a mother who has to deal with her dead mother terrorizing her daughter. I always thought being a grandparent was supposed to be a good thing. Not so much here. Then again, what says summer more than dead people? Grandparents, beware!

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Not Rated yet

June 8

On the opposite side of the street, here’s a documentary about the affable Mr. Rogers and his T.V. series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. I know many kids grew up loving his show, and many adults look back and miss him. As a kid, I wasn’t one of them. I much preferred monster movies and Jonny Quest. Still,

all you softies and quiet time neighbors, this one’s for you.


The Incredibles 2 

Photo by Pixar – © 2018 Disney Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

Rated PG

June 15

Pixar is back with a sequel of one of my favorite animated films. This time it’s Elastigirl’s turn to show off, but you can bet this will be a family affair. Director Brad Bird returns to direct. Expect this to be a kid favorite for a new generation.



Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 

Image courtesy

Rated PG-13

June 22

Uhhh, more dinosaurs? Yes, but this time, the creatures need to be rescued from a volcanic eruption. And of course, Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard go back to the island to, what, turn off the volcano faucet? Don’t get me wrong. I like dinosaurs. I even liked the last Jurassic Park. I just don’t understand how you battle a volcano and save dinosaurs. Could be fun, but I’m suspicious.

Uncle Drew

Photo by Quantrell D. Colbert

Rated PG-13

June 29

Remember Michael Jordan’s film premiere? Welcome basketball star Kyrie Irvingm who launched his commercial series this winter on T.V. as Uncle Drew, an old man hustling younger players in da game. It was funny as a two-minute commercial. As a feature film? Hmmm, well, if you’re into round ball. Also comes with Shaquille O’Neal and Reggie Miller, as if that really helps.

Sorry to Bother You 

Photo by Annapurna Pictures

Not Rated yet

July 6

Rapper Boots Riley directs this social satire about a black telemarketer who makes tons of money as a black man with a white voice. This has skewery in-your-face humor written all over it. White folks. Black Folks. All kinds of folks. Prepare to be roasted and laugh about it.

Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot

Rated R

July 13

You never know where director Gus Van Sant (Restless, Milk) will take you. Is this a documentary or a feature film? Based on the life of cartoonist John Callahan (Joaquin Phoenix), who discovered his gift after he became a quadriplegic in a drunk driving accident. True story, but Gus always has a unique view on things. As usual, expect to be bewildered.

Equalizer 2 

Photo by Glen Wilson – © 2018 – Sony Picture Entertainment

Not Rated yet

July 20

Who doesn’t want Denzel Washington to return as Robert McCall? Last we saw of McCall, he was making bad guys miserable and barely flinching. No one plays bad cool like Washington. He could make eating a jar of pickles look dangerous. So, action buffs, this one’s a summer highlight. Mark it on your calendars.


Not Rated yet

July 20

Looking for a good thriller to sink your teeth into? Try this crazy piece of down-and-gritty streets of Oakland brotherhood smack. Written by and starring Oakland native Daveed Diggs as a man on probation who witnesses a police shooting. This could potentially be the dark horse of the summer. Prepare to get played and betrayed.

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

Rated PG

July 27

I’m throwing this in for the kids who love comics. Already a TV show, it makes its big-screen debut in which, ironies of ironies, the Teen Titans search for a director for their own movie. In the inimitable words of Barry Manilow, “Looks like we made it,” or something to that effect.

The Darkest Minds 

Photo by Daniel McFadden

Rated PG-13

Aug. 3

Based on a young adult novel by Alexandra Bracken, a group of teens with superhuman powers are on the lam after a plague has killed off most of the country’s children. The bad ol’ government, it seems, has kept these surviving kids contained in prison camps. Now they’re loose and wreaking accidental havoc. Why is it always the children who suffer?

The Meg 

© 2016 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and RatPac-Dune Entertainment LLC

Rated PG-13

Aug. 10

You have to have at least one big laughable bomb for the summer. This gets my vote. A giant shark is eating swimmers. No, this isn’t Spielberg. It does, however, star Jason Statham. I can’t wait to see his stunts in this one. Is this film jealous of Sharknado’s success or what? Well, I guess in this case, one big shark is better than many hammerheads in a tornado. Or is it?

White Boy Rick

Not Rated yet

Aug. 17

Here goes Matthew McConaughey again, transforming himself into a drug informant during the Detroit crack epidemic of the 1980s. True story with a tragic ending. French director Yann Demange takes a look at justice American-style during the Reagan years. Might be hard to watch, but sounds like it has a good right-hand punch to it. And never count out the Mac for in-your-face drama.

Slender Man

Not Rated yet

Aug. 24

A plethora of summer dogs get released the last two weeks of vacation. This one, however, might have some bones in it. A group of girls attempt to disprove the legend of Slender Man and discover that maybe it’s not so untrue. And what happens when girls go hunting for scary legends? Screams galore and probably lots of anguish and terror. It’s August. It’s hot. By this time, summer is boring and the fair has closed. Go for it!