Say what? Another Medicine Hat release? You bet. The music scene’s most prolific recording artists are at it again with this excellent five-song release.

This time the new EP sounds a lot more like what the  live shows have become, with the acoustic duo of Robert Ramirez on vocals and guitar and Michelle Votrian on vocals and guitar as well.

Opening track, “At Night You Break My Heart,” sounds like a vintage Gram Parsons song with its twangy singalong chorus. “Dig” finds the duo trying new ground in an almost meditative, psychedelic mood. “Hanging Pictures” has the solid rock groove that would easily translate to Medicine Hat’s occasional full-band shows. “Dirty Waltz” could easily be a John Prine or Townes Van Zandt track — which is as good as the genre can get. The EP closes with “Comes Around,” a stoner desert ballad that is classic Medicine Hat.

The EP proves that not only is Medicine Hat one of the most prolific recording bands in town, it is now also one of the best. 

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