In a time when everyone is trying to be different, keeping songwriting simple, straightforward and safe practically comes off as experimental. Case in point: Karyn 805’s new full-length, Entangled Hearts

Virtually every song sounds as though you’ve heard it before, a mix of rock, country, blues, folk, etc., that your folks would probably dig. On first listen the record doesn’t necessarily turn your head or catch your ear. Afterward, however, a strange thing happens.

That same familiarity makes you want to actually listen to it again — and suddenly you realize that they’re not generic songs at all, they’re just well-crafted.

There are hints of Bonnie Raitt on the bluesy numbers like “Better Be Good to Me,” Nanci Griffith on the countrified “Roped and Tied” and Melissa Etheridge on the more rocking tracks. Be on the lookout for “Slow Dancing,” a beautiful ballad and the album’s standout track. It’s a song so good you think it could be a Motown standard, one with TV and film placement written all over it.

So is there really anything wrong with just plain old simple songs when they’re well-written and -recorded? Absolutely not. Karyn 805 is a testament to that.

Available at www.cdbaby/karyn805.