If George Romero were here today, he might very well be front and center for the Ventura County St. Patrick’s Day Parade, where a clone of the undying green pig known as Sham Hock, Sham Hock 2, will make its debut on Saturday, March 17.

Sham Hock 2 was created using his father’s “DNA” — i.e., pieces of fabric — and reconstructed from photographs and memories into an identical 12-foot-tall, 20-feet-wide iteration.

The original Sham Hock died a cruel and unusual death when his very fabric ripped in front of his father, Tim O’Neil, and deflated in a macabre display at the 29th St. Patrick’s Day parade in 2017.

“He died right there in front of me,” said O’Neil. “I was speechless.”

In December 2017, a funeral procession hosted by the St. Patrick’s Day parade committee, marched through downtown, replete with casket, in order to raise the $3,500 needed to resurrect Sham Hock.

“He’s a symbol of fun, and we need that right now,” said Faye McDonald, treasurer of the committee.