When Cavalia Odysseo came to Camarillo, it was clearly a circus act, designed to trigger emotions of wonder and awe. And it did just that. But the Conejo Valley Unified School District doling out tickets to the next board meeting on a first come, first served basis because of limited seating, makes us wonder, what’s up with this ridiculous spectacle?

While we have reported on the rather absurd attempts of the majority of the board to push forward a religious agenda, wherein trustee Mike Dunn seems to be playing a pivotal role, the antics are relentless. From trying to silence his critics and then retaliating against them (in particular a mother he was trying to silence by threatening her husband over email, writing that his business would suffer due to her opposition to what the board is doing) to approving a semi-quasi book ban that he believes is of books with questionable content for young people, it’s nothing short of a circus. This circus, however, is not inspiring, but rather deeply concerning.

When it comes to politics, sensationalism leads the headlines. We have to look no further than our president, who can’t do much without it becoming headline news. From spelling coffee wrong to provoking a dictator, telling off movie stars, dismantling protections for natural resources and unrelenting condemnation of certain immigrants, and so on, the so-called leader of the free world is a one-man circus. If Donald Trump is a narcissist whose only desire is to be the center of attention, he is #winning. And both conservatives and liberals are losing. Why? Too many are so focused on him that they are forgetting how to be happy, which brings us back to Dunn and the Conejo Valley Unified School District board.

It’s hard to imagine that any person or group of people would enjoy the tremendous division and outrage as what has been seen over the policy considerations by this board. But yet, Dunn can’t seem to stop. At some point, those who lead need to have a serious reality check about the country we live in, the freedoms we all enjoy and the separation of church and state. As the escapades continue, we have become suspicious of decisions made by the Conejo School Board that cause turmoil for not only parents and teachers, but for the students themselves, who must wonder why there is so much upset.

The board, however, approved, 4-0, a policy to censure Dunn on, Tuesday Feb. 6:

“BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED AND ORDERED … the Governing Board of the Conejo Valley Unified School District hereby censures member Mike Dunn and proclaims publicly that this Board disapproves of the aforementioned conduct and finds it to be a violation of the Board Bylaws as well as unacceptable, unprofessional, irresponsible behavior that cannot be tolerated.”

When it comes to Dunn, the old adage that we all learned from Thumper in Bambi seems to be of the utmost importance: “If you can’t say (or write in an email) something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.”