Since 2016, millions of Americans have been on edge, many in a sort of frenzied state of mind. There is really no way around it but at the root of this chaos is one basic paralyzing disorder we all suffer from: fear. The fact that we went from hope and change for the future to going back to the past with Make America Great Again to living every day in what feels like enduring uncertainty over serious and seemingly impulsive changes, fear of the unknown is winning! Congratulations?

There has been much outrage over President Donald Trump’s words and decisions over immigrants and refugees. He continues to pick on the least advantaged and suffering as if they aren’t worthy to be on U.S. soil. If there is one thing we know about Trump, however, is that whatever comes out of his mouth is going to be wild and inappropriate much of the time. And the things he says and does, as of late and in particular, threatening to remove protections for people who were brought to this country illegally as children, also known as DREAMers (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act), should come as no surprise.

What we know about immigrants who came here searching for a better life and the children they brought with them, many of them were able to take advantage of resources available to them. That includes receiving a formal education and being fully immersed in First World advancements. Many were able to thrive in this country, just as many of our ancestors did. Now, those with compassion for such immigrants and the immigrants themselves have their emotions running high on this idea that deportation is especially cruel. But if we step back, in light of this situation, perhaps we can see DREAMers being threatened with returning to their homeland with a good education and skills to improve their own countries. That sounds more like a loss in investment for our own country. Of course, those of us who do not live under this threat will never really understand, but if we turn this fear of uncertainty upside down and look at it as an opportunity to make the world a little better, maybe we could just relax a little. Besides, Trump and his administration won’t last forever and once there is new leadership in place, maybe we can go back to a time when all that was really needed to get into the U.S. was money to travel and a deep desire to risk it all for a better life.

This week, we challenge those who live in fear of uncertainty to embrace it as an opportunity to shake things up. If Trump can’t see the value of our DREAMers, then the DREAMers should recognize their own value and start figuring out what they can do to prepare for exit and make sure they arrive safely. In fact, they should start talking to people who may be able to help coordinate a good landing where they can be productive in their homeland. If they do that and that threat of deportation becomes reality, they will be ready. While losing our DREAMers, any of them, will be a loss to our society and is rather heartless, should we start seeing a massive effort to deport, that will stimulate the need for a more reasonable leader who can see we can all live peacefully together regardless of our home country. Don’t forget, not much can get done in three years, plus it’s 2018, a great election year to really show the president who is boss with different faces in Congress, not to mention the clock is ticking on the Russia investigation.