Christina Hornbaker
Amateur photographer
First place, Grand prize

Capturing moments in time, from the good to the bad and the unusual, is a seemingly relentless pursuit of human existence. We ruminate over the memories of our lives and wish we had been able to tie them down in their purest form in photography. This year, with over 100 entries, seeing through other people’s eyes, sharing their perspectives of what they consider worthy to be set still forever in pictures, we are able to tap into their unique personalities and understand a bit more about them and the world around us, especially what we may be missing to see ourselves. In the future, however, we hope to see more contest entries for our print paper as social media distills the importance of Ventura County residents’ unique perspectives caught on camera.

To redeem prizes, go to Dexter’s Camera at 5 N. Pacific Ave, Ventura. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the entrants. Enjoy!

Susan McMahon
“Virga (rain that evaporates before it hits the ground) in Mono County.”
Second place

Janet Klemm Beck
“This photo is my 86-year-old mom who had just moved into assisted living.
She is lost in thought and confusion.”
Third place