All raised in Ventura County, the three-member band, Sitting on Stacy, has earned a reputation for its mix of punk, ska and alternative rock that’s fun and fast-paced — while also being meaningful and relatable.

“We draw influence from various different genres, and do not claim any to be our own,” said Hoyt Yeatman, 19, who performs lead guitar and vocals alongside Jeff Demorest on drums and Kyle Hart on bass.

Cross-County Travelers

The three young men are currently living in San Diego for college, where Yeatman is majoring in business administration at San Diego State University with an emphasis in the psychology of marketing and a minor in music. Hart, an 18-year-old student at Grossmont Community College, is a communications major; and 19-year-old Demorest, who is attending Mesa College, is majoring in art.

But prior to living on the Southern California coast, they attended school in inland Ventura County, with Hoyt enrolled at Thousand Oaks High School and Demorest and Hart enrolled at Newbury Park High.

While fostering their music in Ventura County, they have performed at Conejo Valley Days as well as The Canyon Club, where they opened for Smash Mouth, Unwritten Law, and Puddle of Mudd. They’ve also performed at Camarillo’s Rock City Studios, Rock & Roll Pizza in Simi Valley and other local venues.

Name Game

“The band has been together since the summer of 2014,” Yeatman said. “Since then we have had three different bass players, but we found our third permanent bass player in the fall of 2015.”

The band was originally called Paper.

“But today your band name needs to be easily searchable on the Internet,” Yeatman noted. “Paper was too generic. We changed the name to Sitting on Stacy so that we could get direct hits on search engines.”

“We tossed around hundreds of names, but I had a dream that we were called this and I told them about it — but it didn’t just jump out as anything special,” Yeatman remembered. “But when we mentioned it to other people, they seemed to like it; so it kept coming up as the lead name and then we made it official.”

Things to Come

Sitting on Stacy is currently working on writing and recording new music that it plans to see released in upcoming months.

“We are going to try releasing our songs as singles so we can have new material for people quicker,” Yeatman explained. “Today people buy singles, generally, rather than whole albums, so we’re going to try that and see how it works.”

The band has also been playing up and down Southern California, and plans on continuing to branch out to new venues.

“We are also in the midst of forming an artist-run record label, which will include some of our favorite bands and artists that we’ve met over the years,” Yeatman said.

Chemical Brothers

“What makes our music unique is the high energy we bring to it, whether it’s in a recording or at a live show,” said Hart, further noting that one of his favorite aspects about performing with this group is the chemistry that the three of them share with each other.

“We can all communicate on stage by a simple head nod or other gesture, and we will know exactly what it means,” Hart said. “Playing together for so long, we can sense what the other is thinking without even talking.”

For Demorest, “We enjoy the process of collaborating to make something that people will enjoy, and that we can enjoy sharing. We are all great friends, and we have a blast doing whatever we do, be it writing, recording, performing or meeting people along the way.”

While Sitting on Stacy doesn’t have any shows currently scheduled in Ventura County, the band plans to book more shows locally after the holiday season.

“Our goal is to continue to express ourselves and our emotions, as we encounter them, through music; and show people that though they may feel alone in their perspective, there are other people who feel the same way,” Yeatman said.

The band’s future goal is to begin serious touring.

“We are in the process of putting one together for [next] summer with some great bands,” Yeatman said.

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