Ventura Police Department installed a security camera on Aug. 18 on the Ventura Masonic Center at the corner of Santa Clara and California streets. Cmdr. Tom Higgins said that the reason and timing of the installation was because the location became available and it is a highly trafficked area.

Over the last five years, several cameras have been installed throughout the city, including two cameras on the Highway 101 train bridge, commonly referred to as a trestle, for the purpose of safety and graffiti abatement, plus two more near the other side of the bridge at Harbor Boulevard and California Street. There is one camera at Chestnut Street and Thompson Boulevard to monitor Plaza Park, one at the pedestrian bridge at Harbor Boulevard, and three security cameras near the pier because it is a highly populated tourist area. There are five community-driven installations of cameras at Marina Park and the south end of Seaward Avenue in the Pierpont neighborhood. There are also cameras at West Park and at Kimball Waterpark installed at the request of the facility operators.

There are other cameras installed in the parking structure on Santa Clara Street, but it is a city-run facility and the police department does not manage them.

Funding for these cameras comes from various sources, such as facility budgets, relevant nonprofits, including the foundation vested in keeping the pier safe, and department funding, according to Higgins.

The only camera that the police department paid for the actual cost is at Santa Clara and California streets. The installation cost $3,500, and about $100 annually to maintain.