The 25th anniversary of Ed Hunt Rehab Point at Oxnard Beach Park was celebrated on July 9 with a picnic where hundreds gathered to honor the man responsible for inspiring a path that gives the disabled access to the beach.

In 1988, Hunt became paralyzed on the left side of his body after suffering a stroke at age 70. He always loved the beach, but was unable to visit his favorite place because of his physical condition. Thus, the Rehab Point Project was born.

Today, the Rehab Point Project is a winding concrete path along the ocean, giving people in walkers, wheelchairs and motorized scooters an easy way to get close to the water. The path is also lined with 51 benches where users can rest. Year-round, the path is maintained by volunteers.

“The city of Oxnard really appreciates the people acknowledging this tremendous effort,” said Oxnard City Council Mayor Pro-Tem Carmen Ramirez, during opening ceremonies on July 9.

On behalf of the Oxnard City Council, Ramirez presented Christine Portillo, president of the Rehab Point Project, a certificate of congratulations “for 25 years of dedicated service to bringing awareness of people with disabilities.”

“You’re heroes of our community because you take care of the most vulnerable,” Ramirez said to the audience. “You’re unsung heroes — today is the day to sing about you.”