Two hip-hop shows will make the 805 bounce on Saturday, July 22.

The first show, 805 Hip-Hop Classic, will take place at the Majestic Ventura Theater and feature Billboard chart-topping rappers Too Short (“The Ghetto,” “Blow the Whistle”), Baby Bash (“Suga Suga,” “Baby, I’m Back”), MC Magic (“Magic City,” “Princesa”) and Mellow Man Ace (“Mentirosa,” “If You Were Mine”) at the Ventura Theater.

After 35 years in the industry, Too Short (Todd Shaw) announced this year that he would release his 20th and final studio album, The Pimp Tape, this August. The legendary rapper, born in Los Angeles and resident of Oakland, is credited by multiple music sources as being a pioneer of West Coast Hip-Hop and is one of few to collaborate with both Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. during the height of their careers. He also founded his own independent label, Up All Night Records, and has appeared in such films as Menace II Society

Baby Bash (Ronald Bryant) came onto the scene in 1995 under independent label Dope House Records and released three other studio albums under major labels. Born in Vallejo, California, he has collaborated with major artists such as Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, Carlos Santana and Too Short. Bash’s ninth and latest studio album, Don’t Panic, It’s Organic, was released in November 2016 under his independent label, Bashtown Music Group, founded in 2010. His current single, “Vamonos,” was released last month.

MC Magic (Marcus Cardenas) is a Mexican performer from Phoenix who is known for rapping and singing in both Spanish and English and, according to his Facebook page, is set to release his sixth album, The Book of Magic, in 2017. MC Magic is joined by Cuban-born Mellow Man Ace (Ulpiano Reyes), another bilingual rapper.

DJ 418 (Daniel Tzipori).

Camarillo also gets into the act with local talent taking the stage for Live in the 805. Set to perform are hip-hop and rap DJs Exham Priory (Jonathan Zillman), 418 (Daniel Tzipori), EKIE (Jon Reeder), Chris the Thr!llest (Chris Stanton), CONMAN (Connor Galbraith) and Nice Gang (Kai Wright and Yung Bari Boi) at Rock City Studios. The acts will perform for about 30 minutes each.

Founded in 2008, Rock City Studios allows musicians to develop into artists by offering music business aspects such as music lessons, rock band workshops, a recording studio, live shows, parties and events. According to owner Ann DeMartini, the venue also recently installed a new public address system. 

“The sound is superb,” she said.

Zillman, 25, a resident of Simi Valley, launched his career in January 2016 and released his first independent album, A Dreamer’s Disease, in March of this year. He is currently making a video for his first single, “The Rhyme, The Reason.”

“The album is about the internal and external struggles a person goes through,” he said. “My music is different because it’s more of a reality kind of rap.”

Zillman said he is looking forward to performing on stage at the show and connecting with the crowd.

“I love being on stage where I can control the crowd,” he said. “My slogan for my music is more or less for the eyes and ears. I’m creating my own path and making my own trend.”

Tzipori is also excited about the show. Aside from remixing tracks, the 20-year-old Ventura native released his first single two years ago with DJ Cardi called “Hopes & Dreams,” with Tzipori on vocals. When he was 18, he had the opportunity to open up a show for rapper SuperDuperKyle, also from Ventura.

“I am looking forward to seeing new faces and sharing my music with new people,” Tzipori said. “When I’m performing, I’m very involved in the set. I make sure I interact with the crowd and move around.”

Tzipori is also learning production aspects, and plans to attend Icon Collective, a music production school based in Los Angeles.

From hometown up-and-comers to industry veterans, there’s something for every hip-hop fan this weekend.

Live in the 805 takes place on Saturday, July 22, at 8 p.m. at Rock City Studios, 2258 Pickwick Drive, Camarillo, 383-3555 or 805 Hip-Hop Classic also takes place on July 22 at 8 p.m. at Ventura Theater, 26 S. Chestnut St., Ventura, 653-0721 or