While the Rubicon Theatre is primarily known for theatrical productions, music was the focus last week as the Music for Changing Times festival descended on the intimate theater. The event was presented by Music2Life and featured a host of activities throughout the week, including readings of the Rubicon’s upcoming play-in-progress, The Folk Rock Project (performed by The Lonesome Travelers, pictured), a songwriting class and showcase, a national songwriting competition concert and an awards ceremony that saw Joel Levin, Justine Bennett, Robert Quindaro and C.h.a.d. the Change take home honors. The closing-night benefit concert included a diverse selection of artists performing socially aware songs. The highlight was a performance by legendary folkies Peter Yarrow and Noel Paul Stookey. The overall focus of the week was to address the future of socially themed music and how it pertains to a new generation of songwriters. When performers at the songwriting concert launched into an a cappella rendition of “If I Had Hammer,” it was a powerful moment which proved that activism and the arts are still very much alive.