Rachel Flowers is practically a household name in Ventura County. The gifted multi-instrumentalist, who is also blind, has been on the cover of this very paper, has had a legitimate documentary film, Hearing Is Believing, made about her, and has appeared at a host of events. Even at a young age, she’s certainly an inspiration as to what one can achieve. But what about the actual music? Good news is, Flowers is first and foremost a composer and musician — and a damn good one at that. Playing all the instruments on her debut release, Flowers’ tastes are clearly eclectic, bouncing from near-classical ready-for-film compositions to flat-out jazz funk. It’s so diverse that within one of her instrumental songs — pieces that range from three minutes to 10 minutes — you can hear multiple genres. “Dawn Points” and “Memories of You” literally sound as if they could be part of a movie score for a feature film, while “Goes to Eleven” and “Aloha Part 2” would fit on the main stage at any major jazz festival. There are also more instruments happening than you can name, all of which are played by Flowers. So believe the hype: Rachel Flowers is a rare talent. If Listen is only the beginning of her recording career, it’s going to be fascinating to see where it leads.

Available at www.rachelflowersmusic.com.