Those wanting a glimpse into the future of multimedia technology will have the opportunity to do so at Cal Lutheran’s upcoming Forward: CLUFest 2017.

CLUFest, an annual festival and exhibition, explores the growth of cutting-edge technology from Cal Lutheran students in an unconventional way. The exhibition features multimedia aspects in design, gaming, cinema, visual effects, robotics and interactive media. The public can walk through the minds of the upcoming creative professionals exhibiting their work, skills and dedication to the craft. This year’s festival is themed “Forward.”

“The multimedia program is very small, and this is an opportunity for people to get to know what stellar work we have coming out of this department,” said senior Allyssa Moscotte, multimedia program major and CLUFest project manager. “We are trying to have interactive pieces so that people can feel more present.”

About 50 to 70 students enter the festival each year and a final selection is decided closer to festival time.

“We’re trying to include as many people as we can,” Moscotte said. “This year we are using this opportunity to cut down on printing and be greener by using iPods and projectors to feature other students’ works.”

Aside from Moscotte, 13 other senior multimedia majors have been hard at work preparing for the festival. Unique features of this year’s CLUFest include a demonstration of robots designed by computer science students, an interactive projection on the floor that responds to motion, and a student-designed virtual reality space. Videos and projected artworks will also be on display.

Graduating seniors from the multimedia capstone class have created a topsy-turvy experience for exhibit attendees: An upside-down-room photo booth gives the illusion of standing on the ceiling.

In a series called Rewind, seniors re-created multimedia projects from their freshman year to showcase the skills they acquired to revamp those older works for the festival.

“The focus is really on the seniors and how far we have come along in our skill set,” said senior Morgan Terhar, multimedia program major and CLUFest project manager.

Timothy Hengst, multimedia program professor and CLUFest adviser, said that all of the students are talented and that the program prepares them for a successful future.

“The students have worked very hard on their projects and we hope that the public takes away an aspect of the future of technology,” he said. “Every year the festival is a huge success.”

Forward: CLUFest 2017 runs April 21-May 14 at the Kwan Fong Gallery inside the Soiland Humanities Building, 120 Memorial Parkway, Thousand Oaks. For more information, call 493-3241 or visit