JJ Frank, the Ventura duo of Jeff Jones and Frank Sunseri, offers up A Window in Time, a new collection of very mellow songs perfectly suited to walking along the beach or otherwise enjoying a lazy day just nosing through one favorite spot after another. Perennial professional musicians, their colleagues on the record will be immediately familiar to local music lovers. There are Steve Miles on guitar and keyboards, Blazing Haley’s Chris Story on drums, Creedence Clearwater Revisited’s Kurt Griffey guesting on guitar during “Hurricane,” Samantha Perkins stopping in to play synths on “How Will They Ever Know,” Karl Hunter making yet another special appearance, this time on the song “The Real Thing.” The 10 songs on A Window in Time are basic, heartfelt tunes by simple craftsmen. That doesn’t, however, make them any less sincere or relevant. They are what they are. They exist for a certain purpose in a particular point in time. Plain, workmanlike harmonies weave through the serenity of two acoustic guitars delivered unto the rustic simplicity that makes A Window in Time such a satisfying moment in the JJ Frank continuum. While there may be temporary anomalies in this matrix — per titles like “One Heartache and You” and “Upside Down and Backwards” — JJ Frank is ready to bounce back, dust off and just keep on keepin’ on.

Available at www.meetjjfrank.com.