A nationally recognized nutritionist and multiple-time Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) world champion are co-hosting a new talk show that strives to educate the public about the benefits of cannabis through objective information.

The mission of BakeOut TV, and its local weekly production of The BakeOut, is to provide educational television that involves discussions about the medicinal uses of cannabis for specific ailments, while dispelling myths and stereotypes about the plant.

“There are a lot of federal restrictions on accurate information becoming available to the public,” said Robert Ferguson of Ventura, a certified nutritionist and fitness expert who has authored five books. “So this show couldn’t be on television — CBS, ABC, primetime, nothing network. But fortunately we live in an age where digital technology positions us to be able to make a show like this available to the public. This show will be available on all devices. So whether you have Roku, Apple, all of it will be available.”

“Getting the information out is the most important thing,” said Frank Shamrock of Simi Valley, Ferguson’s co-host. Shamrock, who is considered a mixed martial arts legend for his record-breaking performances in the ring and cage, has worked as an entrepreneur, writer and spokesperson since retiring from the ring.

For the last three decades, he has consumed marijuana as a “performance enhancement.” The plant helped him relax, heal more quickly and diminish inflammation and pain, he said. “I was able to be more creative about a task that was extremely stressful and challenging,” Shamrock said in reference to the anxiety that comes with facing an opponent. “Most people would be bound up psychologically about going to fight someone with 4 ounce gloves in a cage. I was able to meet a state of relaxation both physically and psychologically with cannabis to . . . create a different experience, whereas another person would be looking for the closest shot of whiskey.”

Although Ferguson doesn’t consume cannabis, he said he has had clients who use cannabis as a superfood from a nutritional standpoint. “They’re putting it in their drinks, their smoothies,” said Ferguson. “And I’ve had clients who have kids who are suffering from conditions like seizures, and I’d hear them advocate for the use of cannabis.”

For the past couple of months, Ferguson and Shamrock, who became friends 20 years ago, have been conversing about all the changes taking place with cannabis. “Frank has opened my eyes to so much, and I think in America we need to become more knowledgeable and more aware,” said Ferguson, who is the CEO of Diet Free Life. “In the areas of nutrition or obesity I learned years ago that the biggest problem is, the uninformed are led by the misinformed. And when it comes to cannabis I feel totally the same.”

Discussions on The BakeOut will cover a range of topics, including how to obtain a medical marijuana card, how and where to obtain medical marijuana, and tips for those allowed to grow their own medical cannabis under the law. Other topics include the differences and benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), industrial uses of the hemp plant, and the stigma and myths that surround marijuana.

One of those myths is that cannabis can cause obesity due to the “munchies” effect. “I’ve been looking at all the research, and people that use cannabis on a regular basis are far more lean compared to people who don’t,” Ferguson said. Another myth to be discussed on the show is that cannabis is addictive, harmful to the body and can lead to more dangerous drugs. “Cannabis is natural; it fits right in with our neuro-center,” said Shamrock, who benefited from using the plant for pain management. “All the studies have come back on cannabis — it’s not addictive.”

The BakeOut will also feature segments that involve cooking with cannabis. “Smoking cannabis is not the best way to consume it — the best way is to eat it,” Shamrock said. “So we want to teach people how to mix that with cooking to take their medicine.”

The show’s co-hosts will also address a misconception that cannabis users are doomed for failure. “When you dig deeper into entertainment and sports and athletics and creative people, you will find they use cannabis across the board,” Shamrock said.

He considers cannabis “a miracle plant.” “I’m living proof that you can function at the highest level, achieve anything you want and consume this plant,” Shamrock said. “I conquered the world of sports and television and business, and I was on cannabis the whole time. Nothing stopped me from doing what I wanted to do.”

Ferguson added that viewers of The BakeOut are welcome to pose questions to the show’s co-hosts on Facebook at BakeOut.TV.

“This is a plant that we all need to respect and share and talk about in a real fashion — that’s what this show is about,” Shamrock added. “We need to put it on the table and point at it and say, what’s really going on?”

For schedule and more information, visit www.bakeout.tv/ or BakeOut.TV on Facebook.