Kris Simeon — the singer and songwriter behind Oxnard-based project Kris Simeon & The Lonely Onlies — has a voice that’s eerily reminiscent of James Taylor in its smoky, “just an ordinary guy” limpidity. Not surprisingly, Simeon’s songwriting also recalls Taylor, but — as exemplified by opener “Don’t You Say” — he’s injected the tame, mellow folk-pop sensibilities of his forebears with a modern, parlor-room flare. Simeon quickly shifts gears with second track “Easier,” a less-raucous affair that finds his vocals and jazzy chording anchored by a wash of woodwind and auxiliary percussion. The standout track from this latest collection of songs is “Goodbye to Yesterday,” a Beatles sendup replete with staccato guitar stabs and bubble bass that highlight the songwriter’s melodic prowess and appreciation for pop lore. While there’s been no shortage of “stomp-your-feet-and-clap-your-hands” flannel-core produced in the last half-decade, Simeon is a good argument against dismissively pigeonholing fledgling artists who work in this idiom. Behind the slightly threadbare aesthetic is a proficient songwriter with a lot to offer.

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