Congratulations! You are about to make it through the wildest election cycle ever recorded in the modern TV era. While many would argue this election was the craziest ever, I do believe that Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas had more at stake in 1864. Obviously, the last year and half was dominated by Donald Trump and his proposals to build a wall, bomb the families of terrorists, punish women and/or doctors who participate in abortions, and whatever else spewed out of his mouth. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton sat back and watched Bernie Sanders rally the youth while she edged more to the left of center than she was eight years ago, only to bounce back to a more central position in the past few debates. To think her not a war-hawk is just silly. The polls have essentially given her the edge in the electoral college, but on Nov. 9, when we wake up with the biggest election hangover in the last few cycles (could 2000 happen again? I think not), the country is going to stare at each other and ask, “What the heck happens next?”

Assuming Hillary Clinton wins the election, the country will have a 30 percent block of angry Trump “deplorables” wanting justice, wanting change and wanting a damn wall. Anger, frustration and confusion will plague the country through the holidays as President Obama exits and President Clinton starts looking for more presidential pant suits. Hillary Clinton has a huge responsibility ahead of her. She will most likely have the Congress, but will she want to move forward on liberal policies too soon and isolate a large chunk of the country that hates her?

In many ways she’ll enter the oval office with about as much love as George W. Bush did. The GOP and Trump have done a fantastic job of convincing people that she should be fitted for orange jump suits instead of presidential pant suits, but the real question becomes: What will America look like in the coming years?

I have three predictions for after inauguration day in January.

  1. Donald Trump supporters will go back to living everyday life. Just as Bernie Sanders’ fans seemed to disappear, so will those who wanted to make America great again. No one can stay angry forever, and with tax hikes and new social programs about to be cut and created, there won’t be enough time or TV air time to keep banging the drums of hate. Trump will go away, not because he wants to, but because he must. When a man isn’t running for president, he really doesn’t have as many cameras around him.
  1. Hillary Clinton will run the least “progressive” agenda since her husband’s second term. She’ll go into the office with over 30 years of experience and coldly rule with an iron fist. Deep down she knows that Bernie Sanders’ policies were coo-coo for cocoa puffs. So don’t expect those college loan policies to make a way across her desk anytime soon. Don’t expect America to get out of the Middle East. Don’t expect single-payer health-care talk until lame duck status in 2020. If she does anything progressive at all, she might shut down Guantanamo Bay just to show up President Barack Obama. If the Republicans keep the House, expect a lot of smiling pictures with Paul Ryan. Sean Hannity is going to have a mental breakdown.
  1. America will survive. I know that the zombie apocalypse is supposed to happen now no matter who wins, but the beauty of America is that pesky little piece of paper known as the United States Constitution. The founders never saw America the way it is today, but just remember that with the balance of powers, the electoral process and the fact that most news gets reported in time to the general population, the world will continue spinning, and America will just move onward and upward.

I know that sounds anticlimatic for a conservative who dislikes Hillary Clinton, but please remember that conservatives are supposed to be the hopeful ones, which we weren’t this year. And if America can truly fall at the hands of either Trump or Clinton then maybe she wasn’t as great as we all thought her to be.