I was wrong. There. I wrote it. I called the election as the media saw it, as I saw it; heck, even as George Will saw it. We were all wrong. Maybe it was because liberals were scared and conservatives were more scared. Maybe it was because the narrative all along was “Hhe won’t win a primary” to “He won’t win the nomination” to “he can’t win the presidency.” We lied to ourselves. We missed the fact that he actually had a fan base. Everywhere he went, 10,000 people followed. She inspired no one. He inspired an actual base. Yet I still can’t believe a foul-mouthed, heretical, eccentric billionaire TV star with the media and his own party against him defeated the most well-known, well-funded, credentialed human being in the world. I don’t say this often. Because it’s cliché. But this has to be God’s will.

I don’t know if God appointed Donald Trump to the presidency, but considering that he soaked up the evangelical vote at 80 percent voting for him, obviously the evangelicals saw him as their political savior. Many figured his “grab her by the pussy” line would destroy him with women, yet white women voted for him in droves. I knew a lot of those 35-50-year-old white women. Most of them were the blonde, soccer mom, upper-middle-class type. In some ways, they decided to go with the jock instead of the nerd. I know this sounds sexist, but I truly believe men are more likely to idolize their bully, whereas women tend to hate women forever. I really believe there were women in this country who just hated Hillary Clinton and saw Trump as their ilk, and it turns out so did a lot of Americans. Then again, was it her completely or did Bill Clinton play a part? Anyone else find it oddly ironic that Al Gore and Hillary both won the popular vote but not the Electoral College? Maybe they got the most votes, but just not where they mattered enough.

As tough as this is to swallow, I’m making peace with what “my” party did. Here are few highlights to think about:

1. I’ve decided that in some weird way democracy played itself out. The people chose.

2. The Electoral College once again was shown to be how the founders envisioned it to work. The outskirts didn’t overrule the heartland.

3. The Clinton machine is officially dead. She graciously walked away.

While we could let fear rule us, we must move forward. Honestly, one year from now we will actually see if Trump is better or worse than we thought. I have to hope he’s too dumb to think he can do this alone. But I’ve been wrong before.

Ironically, the election night as a whole was crazy. Especially in California. If Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson had a time machine and came to today to see how American democracy is working, visited California and saw that we were voting about legalizing “peace pipes” and requiring condoms in porn flicks, I think they’d take the time machine back to 1775 and tell the founding fathers, “Never mind. It’s not worth it. Just pay the damn tea tax.”

With the GOP winning control of the House and Senate, Trump’s victory must be viewed as an indictment of the DNC and President Barack Obama. I think the media never saw the last of Reaganites appear from the liberal dust. Obamacare. Gay marriage. Global warming initiatives. Enough is enough, thought the middle-class white (wo)man. Interestingly, Michael Moore saw this coming. Trump’s “silent majority” rhetoric spoke to a hurting Middle America. Now all Trump has to do is build a wall, kick out an entire group of people, stop Muslims from entering the country, repeal Obamacare and gay marriage and abortion and …. I wish I could say he’ll never fulfill his promises, but as I stated, I’ve been wrong before.

In May of 2015 I had a student ask me, “Who is going to be the next president?” I said, “Probably Hillary. Who’s going to come out of nowhere and beat her?”

Then last June Donald Trump announced he was running. Maybe I’m just madder that I didn’t see this coming.