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“Sticks” Randall Richman (Richie Ray Stevens) was born in Hollywood during the Elvis decade and grew up surrounded by actors, artists, directors, producers and musicians throughout his formative years. His first recollection at 11 was with the Electric Prunes and Strawberry Alarm Clock at his father’s nightclub in Culver City. A decade later at his own club, bands like the Go-Go’s, Plimsouls. Fear, X. Steppenwolf, Beachy and the Beachnuts, Babylon Warriors, Division Street and others were acts that often played. 

Sticks joined the Grammy Group in 1983 and has produced over 30 albums in 30 years. Some of his local talent includes Nathan McEuen, Delaney Gibson, David James Holster, Wendy MaHarry, The Tatters, Richie Ray Stevens, Crash Course, Suzanne Paris and others. He loves art and is an artist and musician and enjoys politics and business. He resides in Ventura, California. Connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. 

I am running to shift direction of an elite, arrogant Council to a more compassionate one.

I have 45 years in politics since UCLA in the Democratic party.

My major goals include real, affordable units starting at $300 and job creation.

Benefits include a drastic reduction in homelessness.

The current government has its foot on the throats of businesses. Not friendly at all.

Crime here is one of the highest in the county. Fewer parking meters, more officers.

Housing shortage is at a critical level.

More low-cost housing, we don’t need executive housing. My former executive home has been listing for five years, not sold.

Conserve our natural resources whenever possible. I am a minimalist and gave up my car two years ago.

I agree with changes to the Charter as stated in the question.

Thank you,

Randall Richman