Fred W. Robinsonfred-robinson

70, retired nonprofit CEO, current planning commissioner, city of Santa Paula, and president of the Santa Paula Chamber of Commerce.

Major issues:

Public Safety is the most critical issue Santa Paula faces, followed by an aging infrastructure that must be addressed. We have a growing number of homeless people, many with problems associated with mental illness and addiction that need our support.

Issues not addressed:

The city’s response to our major issues has been inadequate. Lack of funding is part of the problem, but we need a greater sense of urgency. New development is needed to increase revenue. The current Council has not been receptive to new development which would benefit the city.

Business in the city:

As president of the Chamber of Commerce, I am keenly aware of the concerns of the business community. The business community wants smart growth which is needed to generate revenue. The city needs to expedite applications and create a supportive environment for business in all of our relationships.

Public safety:

This remains our most pressing issue. We need more police officers, and must find a stable source of funding for our Fire Department.


The city has not grown significantly in 40 years. New development is needed to provide workforce housing, construction jobs and much-needed revenue for the city.

City’s natural resources:

Santa Paula is rich in history, is home to many museums and presents an historic downtown, which is the site of multiple parades, Cruise Night, and the location for a large number of films. Along with our great people, these treasures represent our greatest assets. We have a responsibility to make the city even greater for our children and grandchildren.

Closing comments:

Santa Paula has problems, but also has a rich history and great potential. My dream is to address our issues and build on our many assets.