Trump should run for Court Jester. He was hit by two bombshells he made himself.

He has zero experience in political office. He claims, however, to be qualified for the presidency because he is a business genius. I was told by a Republican neighbor that “he’ll run the nation like a business” and “shake things up in D.C.”

Yes! Sir Lancelot Trump, our legendary knight in shining armor, will fire the lobbyists and rewrite the Constitution to help the little guy. Sadly, this legend is closer to Monty Python and the Holy Grail than reality. His python’s grip is well-chronicled.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg said, “I have known Trump for decades. We have traveled in the same business circles. He is known among other millionaires as a con artist and among business owners as a cheat out to stiff everyone.”

Republican mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway said, “Donald Trump says he’s for the little guy but he’s actually built a lot of his businesses on the backs of the little guy and has a history of not paying contractors after they’ve built something for him” (CNN, 2/10/16). (She is now his campaign manager. Don’t vomit.)

Regardless, millions fell for his swaggering on The Apprentice. As a reminder, this was pure fiction. His claims to immense wealth are trumped up and one of the reasons he refused to release his tax returns. Then Bombshell No. 1 blew up.

Some of his tax returns were leaked to the press. Our genius lost $916 million in 1995. This staggering loss was (a) in casinos where the odds favor the house; (b) during President Clinton’s economic boom years; (c) even after defrauding 4,000 contractors, and (d) self-inflicted.

Demographics are the foundation of every real estate project just as much as the concrete. Atlantic City might have accommodated one overpriced gambling joint. Trump gave it three more, all cutting their own throats. He ignored the demographics. These are numbers indicating how many wallets would probably show up. If not enough show up, any project is doomed. His projects ended up in bankruptcy.

He showed colossal stupidity but waltzed off with enough investors’ money to buy a Boeing 757. He swaggers around in it to fool the yokels with his “genius.” Bloomberg said, “Trump says he wants to run the nation like he’s run his business. God help us.”

Not only his stupidity blew up in his face, his nonpayment of taxes did too. He bragged about it in the first debate with a smart-mouthed crack: “That makes me smart.” This made millions of voters smart once they realized he had called them idiots for paying their taxes. A Pew Research poll found last year that 53 percent of Americans were not concerned about their taxes. America is a low-taxed country by international standards. But 6 in 10 objected to wealthy moochers not paying their fair share.

Their avoidance of taxes is actually legal. Billionaire Warren Buffett pays taxes at a lower rate than his secretary, but at least he pays some taxes. He is a piker compared to Trump. The real estate lobby has rigged the tax code to make even bankers blush. Nation on the Take describes the utter stinking corruption that passes for America’s “democracy.” Expecting Trump to fix it is like putting the fox in charge of the chickens.

Bombshell No. 2 went off soon after, adding moral bankruptcy to financial bankruptcy. It was a video of Trump bragging he could assault women with impunity since he was a “star.” In the second debate he tried to brush it aside as “locker room” talk. I have rowed and played rugby but have never heard talk like that in locker rooms.

Senior Republicans have run away in droves from this pariah. Many have even announced their intention to vote for Hillary. This turn of events has rendered obsolete my article on Trump’s economic plans. Here are thumbnail sketches only.

His first tax plan would give massive breaks to the top 1 percent, adding $11 trillion to national debt. The Tax Policy Center says his second one would add $7 trillion but favors the ultra-rich even more. If you think either plan has the nation’s interests at heart, I have good news for you. Obamacare covers mental illness.

As for his economic policy, The Economist politely called him an idiot: “Mr. Trump paints a picture of the economy that is irreconcilable with the facts.” In summary, “The Republican nominee’s ideas on the economy are thoughtless and dangerous”

And hypocritical, to boot: He gets his steel from China but says it preys on us. He defended himself, saying he was a “businessman.” The human weakness despised most by Christ was hypocrisy. Bloomberg nailed it: “The richest thing about Trump is his hypocrisy.”