Daniel Chavez Jr.

My name is Daniel Chavez Jr., born and raised in the city of Oxnard. I am 27 years old and attended local school within both the Oxnard and Hueneme School Districts. I currently work for the Los Angeles Metro Transportation Authority (L.A.C.M.T.A.).

What are the major city issues of concern to you in the future?

I feel that we don’t know where we stand as a city financially. Because of this uncertainty we can’t truly move in a positive direction. This promotes more budget cuts, which reduce our city services and public safety. We have many outdated equipment in all departments and not having a clear understanding about the city’s finances prevents us from replacing it.

What issues in the past do you feel are not being addressed?

Our city finances, no-bid contracts and outrageous salaries for our top management.

What are your thoughts on the state of local businesses in the city?

I believe we need to do more to support out local businesses. The city of Oxnard have created an “Anti- Business” model and have businesses pay two to three times more than the average fees in the county and the waiting period is seven months or longer. We need to build a better relationship and view their time as important.

What are your thoughts on current public safety issues?

With the low manpower and outdated equipment. We need to take steps and ensure that the safety of our residents comes first. Response times are two to 72 hours before an officer gets to you, based on the type of call. We deserve better service and it starts with the elected officials to make educated decisions with the safety of our residents before cutting public safety. Residents should not have to fear walking out of their homes.

What are your housing concerns for the city? How will you address them in the future?

I believe that we need to be responsible with housing development. Do we have a housing problem with rent stacking? Yes, but we also need to understand that if we continue to overbuild with housing and not an equal amount of business development. We hurt the residents because they will have to work  out of the city or even the county. We need to have a balance between housing and business development. Many of our residents aren’t able to get into those new housing developments, and the ones that live in those new developments are from other cities or counties. We don’t fix the housing issue, but instead we continue with the same issues. To address the issues would be to get well-paying jobs in our city and allow residents a fair chance to get into those new developments.

How important are the city’s natural resources to you and what are you doing about it?

I believe maintaining our natural resources are very important. I would like to see our city put solar panels on all government buildings and look into wind power. We also need to protect our coastline and ensure that future generations can enjoy it. Another push will be to protect our farmlands and ensure that our farmers are farming.

Discuss other concerns you have with your city and what you will do to address them. This may include water issues, the state of your city’s school districts, the city’s financial stability, unemployment, etc.

Oxnard is the largest in the county and part of the top 20 largest cities in the state. It is very important for us to get a handle on our financial house. It is truly hard for us to move in a positive direction and give the city that our residents deserve. We need to get our Finance Department in order and work to ensure that there isn’t any unnecessary spending taking place. I believe that once we get our financial house in order we can truly take steps in a positive direction and get the city that every resident and employee deserves.