Clint Garman

45, Santa Paula

What are the major city issues of concern to you in the future?

Public safety, youth after-school programs, resurfacing roads and East Area 1/Harvest project being built out.

What issues in the past do you feel are not being addressed?

Structuring our police and fire departments to make sure they were viable units for years to come. 

What are your thoughts on the state of local businesses in the city?

I opened Garman’s Restaurant & Irish Pub 7.5 years ago because I see the beauty of Santa Paula and the need for more businesses. When elected, I will be going after more businesses to come to town.

What are your thoughts on current public safety issues?

I believe the police and fire departments are doing a fantastic job considering their limited resources. With Measure T passing, this will allow to stabilize and properly staff these areas. 

What are your housing concerns for the city? How will you address them in the future?

I am excited for East Area 1/Harvest at Limoneira to break ground and bring additional homes and residents to the city. 

How important are the city’s natural resources to you and what are you doing about it?

Very important. I am continually learning about our local climate and how best to leave our resources in a better condition than we received.