Dear Republican Party,

In just a hair over a month America will have to choose the lesser of two evils, and the more conservative party has nominated one of the true evil men in our country. If this election cycle were a Charles Dickens social justice novel or a Frank Capra film, the GOP presidential nominee would be the villain. Sadly, I don’t see three ghosts of past, present or future appearing in Trump’s dreams or a moment of moral clarity causing him to realize he’s part of the political problem. While I am no fan of Hillary Clinton, please understand, GOP, that if Donald Trump is elected president, this could become the death of the party and a downward spiral toward a liberal world that even liberals will hate.

I understand that you feel the need to stand behind the party’s nominee. I really do. But imagine if you just stopped supporting him. Imagine if you let him just spin his wheels and flame out. Who is really hurt? He’s not a politician. Mike Pence was never the future. If there were ever a time to tank an election, this is the year. Mark my words, Hillary Clinton and Gary Johnson will be better to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell than the bombastic Trump ever will be. If America watches the GOP bickering like school children on TV every night, no one will want a Republican president again for 20 years. If Hillary Clinton wins in November, then she’ll only have four years, and the GOP can run a young upstart candidate like Marco Rubio against her. But if Trump wins, he’ll have to be the nominee again in 2020 too. That’s two full elections thrown away.

Trump will destroy any chance of winning the millennial woman and minority vote. Already Mexico is terrified of a Trump presidency. The Telegraph UK reports:

“Last week, after some U,S. election polls showed Mr. Trump was gaining on Hillary Clinton, the peso declined to an all-time low. ‘There is a definite correlation,’ said Ihab Salib, head of international fixed income at Federated Investors. ‘The idea of Donald Trump’s wall and everything else is having an impact on Mexico’s peso.’ “

If Trump completely destroys relations with the Latino community, expect to see an impotent GOP come next election cycle. Sadly, Trump’s relationship with women will also cost any moderate or independent crossover voting for the next 20 years. Trump has called women pigs, ugly, flat-chested, etc. and I can’t imagine him winning women over during a four-year presidential term. Even his social programs to win over women show that he’s not a conservative or understanding of women’s issues, but instead a weird, not-so-well-thought-out tax break. He wants to give any mom with a child a tax deduction for child care, regardless of whether she has child care costs or not. Moderate Libertarian USC professor Edward McCaffery wrote this about Trump’s child-care plan for

“Every mom gets to deduct ‘the average cost of child care’ whether she has child-care costs or not. Trump’s proposed tax breaks are based on the fact of having a young child, not working for pay or not. It’s a child, not a childcare, tax plan.”

Here’s why this plan is ineffective: The modern millennial woman may not have kids until her 30s, so these policies are addressing an audience already in the GOP camp. Trump is simply isolating the modern woman who is putting motherhood on hold until she establishes her place in the working world. He isn’t reaching forward. He’s grabbing backwards.

This election is too important to let Trump take over the party and send it off into the dark political abyss. If you can just hold your nose for four years under Clinton, the GOP might win 2020, 2024 and beyond. But if you let Trump take over, the GOP will never recover. Not just politically, but demographically as well.

Sometimes the right thing to do and the harder thing to do are the same thing. You’ve been kind enough. Now please back down. Drop the support. Because if you love something you have to set it free.

Your friend,

Paul Moomjean