Ventura City Councilmen Carl Morehouse and Neal Andrews made announcements in the last week about their respective futures in politics.

Morehouse, who was first elected in 1999, said he was ready for a break and won’t be running for re-election to the Council.

“I have enjoyed my tenure on the City Council but, at this point, I am looking forward to spending time traveling with my wife and addressing other priorities that are on our ‘bucket list,’ ” he wrote in an announcement.

During his tenure, Morehouse has served as president of the Channel Counties Division of the League of

Ventura City Councilman Carl Morehouse

Ventura City Councilman Carl Morehouse

California Cities, as president of the Southern California Association of Governments, as Ventura’s representative on the Ventura County Transportation Commission for nine years, as well as on the Local Agency Formation Commission for the past nine years, to name a few of the organizations he has worked with.

“I feel a bit guilty pulling the plug because it takes a great deal of time to build those relationships and earn the respect of my peers, many of whom I know in those organizations who are still begging me to stay,” he stated.

As a councilman, Morehouse has participated in the purchase and the beginning of both the Ventura Community Park for sports on Kimball Avenue and Kellogg Park on the West Side, better public noticing of projects with signage at the location of the proposals, public art on utility boxes and progressive solutions in addressing the homeless issues, plus much more.


Ventura City Councilman Neal Andrews

Andrews, a longtime Republican who was appointed by his Council peers as deputy mayor last year, resigned as a member of the Ventura County Republican Central, Committee citing the rise of Donald Trump and the decline of conservative principles as the main reasons:

“Over the last number of years I have found the failure of leadership of the Republican Party to be tremendously disappointing. The de facto elevation of Donald Trump to the titular leadership of the National Republican Party as a consequence of his selection as the party presidential nominee is an abomination. In the process, the Republican Party leadership has subscribed to the embrace of a philosophy of fear, anger, cynicism, meanness and ignorance instead of statesmanship and honor. I cannot be a part of this betrayal of the fundamental principles of the traditional Republican Party — limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual liberties, civil rights, fundamental moral values, and responsible patriotism.”