I glanced over Think Like a Champion by Donald Trump.

Right away we are assured he is “one of the most successful business people in the world.” We learn How to Do It, from One Who Knows. Yet modesty is important: “The surprising thing is that I’m more humble than people might think.” His ghostwriter is hilarious.

I pictured our champion with other tycoons, breaking out the bubbly after all those fantastic win-win negotiations. His business counterparts esteemed him highly, presumably, as his business skills would have made millions for them also. So how many of them have praised him?

Few, if any, of Trump’s business counterparts have ever praised him. He is a champion litigator who bullies them with legal firepower. USA Today has a database with over 4,000 Trump lawsuits, a staggering number. It looked at five similar real-estate tycoons and found that Trump’s lawsuits exceeded all of theirs put together, by far.

Hillary Clinton said in a recent speech outside a failed Trump casino: “And many of those lawsuits were filed by ordinary Americans who worked for Donald Trump and never got paid.” Hilariously, our champion hypocrite has chapters on honesty and integrity and avoiding “pirates” in business.

If you think financial big shots did any better than ordinary Americans in dealing with this champion pirate, think again. Hillary continued: “He intentionally ran up huge amounts of debt on his companies — hundreds of millions of dollars.” He promised casino regulators he would not load up on junk bonds, but then did. “And at the end, he bankrupted his companies — not once, not twice, but four times.” Our champion pickpocket “always rigged it so he got paid, no matter how his companies performed.”

Our champion dodger weaseled out of accusations of poor business skills in a highly contentious exchange with NBC’s Michael Isikoff. Trump claimed he “didn’t run the company” owning the failed casino. Isikoff pointed out that he owned 28 percent, was the chairman of its board, and asked why he was paid $2 million a year. Hilariously, Trump blustered, “Because I’m a genius, OK?”

His “genius” lies in persuading people to part with their money. He is a champion ripoff artist. They forked over at least $3.4 billion to him in casino bonds.

Our champion flim-flam artist swaggers around in a private airliner boldly marked “TRUMP,” suggesting it was earned legitimately by success in business. Of course, money from the junk bonds paid for it. Hillary said: “He doesn’t default and go bankrupt as a last resort. He does it over and over again on purpose — even though he knows he will leave others empty-handed while he keeps the plane, the helicopter, the penthouse.”

Presidential contender Marco Rubio agreed: “Trump has spent his career sticking it to Americans.” Trump’s business success is a myth. He is a champion mythmaker who sells his “brand” of immense wealth to others. Many of those ventures failed. Rolling Stone made a list of 19 of his biggest failures (there are many more). They include Trump Airlines, Trump Magazine, Trump Steaks, Trump Travel, Trump Tower Tampa, Trump Vodka and Trump Success cologne.

The first rule of business success is: Do not lose money. Our champion loser would have made more money by putting his $400 million inheritance from Daddy into low-cost index funds and golfing all day (per dailyfinance.com). No business analyst believes he is remotely worth $10 billion. That is why our champion exaggerator will never release his tax returns. His claims of immense wealth would be exposed as bogus.

His bogus Trump University was exposed by Republican Megyn Kelly. She asked him about its Better Business Bureau rating. Our champion liar claimed that “right now it is at an A.” The BBB released a statement strenuously contradicting this blatant lie, saying, “Trump University has never been a BBB Accredited Business.” And several major lawsuits have accused it of blatant fraud.

The money-grubbing media gave him a free pass on this whopper. He chickened out of a second debate with Kelly. He got another free pass. Teflon Don is accordingly an ideal Republican candidate.

Former President Ronald Reagan ran a secret war in Nicaragua and lied to Congress about it. Teflon Ron told great yarns but ran up a huge deficit on current account, taking America from a creditor nation to a debtor nation. And he almost tripled national debt. Former President George Bush Junior told 930 lies that led us into the disastrous Iraq war. This left at least 250,000 casualties and will put $5 trillion on the national debt (Joseph Stiglitz).

Our champion misogynist chickened out of debating Kelly but cannot chicken out of debating Hillary. Expect her to point out that Trump’s tax plan would add over $10 trillion to national debt. She will tell voters again: “We can’t let Trump bankrupt America the way he bankrupted his casinos.”