Mastered at RealTime Studios in Ojai as well as recorded and produced in the shadow of Topa Topa, Taylor Quinn’s neo-reggae EP gleans its title from a lyric on the album’s closing track, “Because of You.” Singer-songwriter Quinn, who co-wrote most of these songs with David Gutierrez, emerges formidably out of the gate with “She’s a Miracle,” an affectionate ode to his daughter Kizmae. “Comin’ Home,” replete with rap break by a guest emcee, addresses incredulousness over a lover who is moving on. “Forget Love” fuses Color Me Badd-style harmonies with Spanish-tinged electric guitar noodling. The acoustic guitar-kissed ballad “Beverly” benefits from starry, twangy California guitar works reminiscent of those mastered by former Red Hot Chili Peppers’ axe-slinger John Frusciante. The urban-by-way-of-reggae rhythms of “She’s a Miracle” return on the EP’s solid closer, “Because of You,” written by Steve Fulton, Quinn’s father. Whether emulating a form of reggae or new jack swing, production on On the Inside sounds sturdy and confident. What Quinn may lack in vocal chops, he overcompensates for in soul and earnestness. “Time for the world to see,” Quinn croons repeatedly as he closes out his album. Perhaps time for the world to hear as well. 

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