Not another power plant

Nearly a year later and we’re still [apparently it’s a fait accompli]  considering the need and merits of placing yet another [fourth] fossil-fuel electric generating plant on the beach in Oxnard.

I don’t presume to speak for the majority of my neighbors. However, we elected a City Council to do that; and they remain vehemently opposed to locating the new plant “on the beach” on a previously disturbed site where two existing power plants are now situated.

Anticipated sea level rise in the out years is just one of many practical reasons why this ill-advised project should not be allowed to go forward. The California Public Utilities Commission [CPUC] analyst using outdated government science and maps stated that she projected a conservative “six-inch rise” over the next 30 years.  However, scientists behind a new study published in the journal Nature found that if high levels of greenhouse gas emissions continue, the oceans could rise by close to 2 meters in total (more than six feet) by the end of the century, a far cry from 6 inches in 30 years. Note: This wouldn’t be the first time or the last that an estimate of 6 inches would be called into question but nothing of this magnitude. PS:  I would ask all those in attendance to please forgive my brief use of profanity in my unprepared remarks. Profanity is inexcusable in any public forum and among polite company. This, however, was one of those rare occasions that are unfortunately becoming less rare. It’s hard not to use four-lettered words when describing the less-than-responsible-and-responsive actions by our state and national governments and regulators. I apologize.

Bob Nast

Someone to step up

I just wanted to express my disappointment in the decision of Brooks Institute closing down the school (Aug. 12). I have an interest in this. My sons Christopher and Dale were scheduled to start in September. In fact, my son Dale was selected to receive the Brooks Institute Urban Scholarship. It states that he would receive full cost of tuition and fees up to $10,160 each semester up to eight semesters. This letter was sent from Brooks and signed by Edward M. Clift, Ph.D, dated July 7, 2016. It is amazing that this would happen to a bright talented person. I had the opportunity to read some of the comments on Facebook. I can’t believe the pain and hurt that this decision caused the students and their families and not to exclude to our city Ventura potential revenue. I know it is wishful thinking, but I wish someone could step up and make a wrong right. It is the right thing to do.

Anna Marie(Chapman) Reilley MBA

Stinkin’ McMansions

Even if the report is in error (“Hillside report debunked,” News, Aug. 16), we still don’t need no stinkin’ McMansions obscenely etched against the skyline. Why are city councils so enamored of the rich? Every time the government caters to them they come out ahead as far as taxes, improvements (Avenue’s Kellogg park vs. the facilities built in East Ventura) and amenities. We are hellbent on creating a faux La Jolla or Santa Barbara with the increase in taxes and inevitable special assessment districts to get us to pay the huge bills that these plutocrats will demand. And then there’s the new strategy of turning Ventura into a party city with tacky beer and tequila festivals and surf rodeos being held almost in conjunction with the fair. The traffic! The horror! Add the almost constant construction and you have a place reflecting the worst of LA. Maybe they’re getting us used to it. Goodbye, Ventura — Hopefully, we’ll say goodbye to the galoots in the Council in November.

Richard Goad