Brooks Institute, a photography and multimedia college, announced today at a staff meeting that it will be closing its doors permanently on Oct.31, canceling all classes for the fall semester. 

“Given the large size of the incoming class of 150 new students, I am puzzled,” former President Edward Clift said, noting an increase of 25 percent over last year.

This announcement came after a sudden change in leadership earlier this week. Christine Lin, founder and owner of gphomestay, which purchased Brooks Institute in June 2015, terminated Clift’s three year contract. That prompted most of board of trustees–those who were independent of the parent company–to resign. Lin immediately assumed duties as interim president. 

Brooks Institute, which was established in 1945, had seen a decline in student enrollment since 2005, but with Clift and the shifting of the campus to Downtown Ventura, “A turnaround was in progress,” Clift said.

Brooks staff is currently working on alternative plans for current 300-plus students.

Clift was hired July 1 and was behind the move to downtown, imitating a successful model implemented by Savannah College of Art and Design. Construction had been halted last month in order to review Brooks Institute financial position and investment to move the campus to the downtown corridor.

Lin could not be reached immediately for comment.

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