Leo Tauber, M.D.

Leo Tauber, M.D.

Leo Tauber, M.D., of Ventura is well-known in the medical community for his role in founding in 1956 the Ventura County Medical Resource Foundation, originally the Medical Resource Foundation. The foundation, over the last six decades, has blossomed into a critical funding mechanism that provides essential health care to low-income residents throughout Ventura County.

As the foundation grew, thanks to generous individual benefactors, service organizations such as the Ventura Rotary Club, and various corporations and other foundations, so did health care options. The Ventura County Medical Resource Foundation has funded various programs, such as vision and dental care for low-income children, a cancer network, support system and retreat for women going through treatment, and nurturing training for mothers and family members. Further, the foundation has helped fund health care services for agricultural workers, cervical cancer screening of low-income women without insurance, plus various other programs and services for a wide variety of illnesses.

Tauber, a New York City native who today, Aug. 18, celebrates his 100th birthday, is modest about his role in helping others, but rather praises the work of dedicated volunteers.

“Our greatest accomplishments are due to the help and support provided by loyal volunteers and donors from the community we serve,” Tauber said. “The heart of the foundation is its volunteers — they are our greatest assets.”

As Tauber reflected on the work being funded by the foundation, he noted the biggest health care concerns affecting the most vulnerable.
“Access to health care,” he said. “Working families that are already struggling to meet Ventura County’s high costs of living — particularly families who lack knowledge of systems of care and possible resources — are forced to watch helplessly as their children suffer because they cannot afford to pay for their treatment.”

Tonight, the Ventura County Medical Resource Foundation celebrates its 60th anniversary, along with Tauber’s 100th birthday, plus the foundation will honor the recipients of the 23rd annual David Fainer, M.D. and Leo Tauber, M.D., Awards — Night of Stars. The $200-per-plate dinner event will help fund the foundation’s free oral health and vision care services for low-income children and cancer survivorship wellness retreats for women.

For more information on the foundation, contact Victoria Chandler at the Ventura County Medical Resource Foundation at 641-9800 or vcmrf@vcmrf.org.