Bigotry on display

Mr. Moomjean, in his Right Persuasion “Brexit: Our special relationship,” 6/30, has so much misinformation, pure nonsense and outright bigotry that it is downright dangerous. Moomjean says, “Let’s face it, much of Europe is on the brink of financial collapse.” Yet a simple examination shows that the Eurozone has experienced an economic growth rate of nearly 2 percent for the past year, and the European Union as a whole had an economic growth rate slightly higher. The U. S. economic growth rate for the past year was slightly over 2 percent.

Moomjean claims that much of the problem that led to the Brexit vote was the influx of Muslims over the past year. What actually happened, most Muslims in England emigrated from former colonies over the past several decades. The hostility from immigration is from EU countries. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the EU welcomed in many of the former satellite nations after they met minimum standards in 2004. A condition of that admittance was that the residents of those countries could not emigrate to other EU countries for seven years unless they had permission from the host country. England began welcoming those immigrants immediately. There are now 3.2 million non-British EU citizens living and working in England while there are at least 1.8 million British citizens living and working in EU countries. These EU citizens are overwhelming non-Muslim, many from places like Croatia, Slovenia and Poland.

The anti-Muslim bigotry that permeates Mr. Moomjean’s column is sickening, and when coupled with his contra-factual non-bigoted rationale makes it even more odious. Conservatives usually disguise their bigotry, but thanks to Donald Trump, they are openly expressing it. And sure enough, Moomjean’s bigotry is on display for all to be sickened.

Norman Rodewald

Terrorist threat

Imagine a castle … built right next to the CBC Port Hueneme Naval Base. The fortress would have four turrets about 55-feet high, giving the high ground to terrorists over the Navy grounds. Now imagine about 2,000 renters amassed in the fortress without guards, and all on Fisherman’s Wharf for the taking, as hostages. Sound like Benghazi? It’s not. IT’S THE PERFECT STORM for a dangerous terrorist situation at Channel Islands Harbor!

Why are Supervisors Zaragoza, Bennett, Long, Parks, Foy and CEO Powers ignoring this threat? Because they are tantalized by their own pet project with this Los Angeles developer, while endangering everyone! And why isn’t the Navy being told the whole truth? Truth is, this developer wants to build a fortresslike apartment complex, 55-feet high, with four high-point rooftops (turrets) and only a jog across the little street of Victoria Avenue right up to the Navy base gate! It’s also directly on the main truck route for military equipment, weaponry and ship cargo! This is a BIG BLUNDER by the Supervisors! THE PERFECT STORM FOR TERRORISM at Channel Islands Harbor at Fisherman’s Wharf.

Cheri Usher

Fact checking nonprofits

Writing about charitable organizations, especially animal and horse rescue organizations, is very difficult. Some organizations are legitimate and some are not. “Fact checking” can be time-consuming and very difficult to do. An excellent book on charities and charitable foibles is Ken Stern’s With Charity for All (New York: Doubleday, 2013).  

In California, the California Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Trusts is an excellent resource for charitable fact checking. Visit Prospective donors should investigate animal and horse rescue charitable organizations and understand their financial and operating limitations. Some organizations own land and have financial staying power. Unfortunately, many do not own the land that is necessary for housing animals.

Richard G. Heller, Attorney at Law