Government pays your way  

Re: Raymond Freeman, American socialism, 6-9  What is socialism? Socialism is a form of governing that has everyone on an equal basis; no one has more or less than anyone else. The idea is great as long as no one wants to get ahead and live with a minimum with the things to sustain life, nothing more. No one wants more, no one gets more. Everyone works the same, everyone looks the same. As long as people want more, socialism doesn’t work. Russia tried it for 75 years and it didn’t work. Greece, they went bankrupt because no one wanted to work; they wanted the government to take care of them. You say Social Security is a form of socialism. You are right there, but Social Security was set up to help people to save for their future. Politics changed it because the government saw all that money; they want to spend it. They came up with a way. One way is to give money to people who are drug addicts that don’t work but get an S.S. check every the government says so they have money to live. Most of the money is spent on drugs. If you are an alcoholic you get an S.S. check as well. If you are homeless the check is sent to any address; most are bars. You are right about our government practicing a form of socialism. But when you say that the government is practicing by paying for space exploration such as NASA or the National Weather, those are there to improve mankind. There are many things that government spends on that are a waste of taxpayer money.   The problem I have with the idea of socialism is by government giving the people that can work no incentive to work and better their lives. What is poor? There are poor people all over the world, mainly because of their government they starve, they don’t have any opportunity to move out of poverty. In this USA everyone has an opportunity to get ahead. What is poverty in the USA if you are a U.S. citizen? If you are poor you have only one TV set. You have an old car, you have cable, you have a cell phone and you get a check from the government. I am an American Latino. I grew up poor in a large family. Everyone in the family had to work at a young age. We got no help from the government. We all had to pay for our own educations. You want socialism where the government pays your way. Who is government? The hard-working people who pay taxes. Many taxpayers live on less because of high taxes, many on fixed incomes who worked hard to make a better life for their families. Now that they are old they don’t live very well because of high taxes for government programs. Now you want more socialism; who pays for that? The people who work. 

Jerry Lucero

Restore Fisherman’s Wharf  

In response to your article, Redeveloping Fisherman’s Wharf (News, 6-16), it pains us to read of its destruction. My wife and I like the charm of the New England look of Fisherman’s Wharf. Obviously the structures are deteriorating, but if it gets fixed up, I feel that people would come back as tourist. Take a look at Spinnaker. That place is always jammed. 

I feel we need to bring the shops and restaurants back and keep the charm of the neighborhood intact. What we don’t need is more condos and overpriced apartments. Paz Mar is a nice community of apartments, but the owners have raised the price of rent so high, people are leaving in droves. The same will happen if developers bulldoze Fisherman’s Wharf and put condos or apartments there. It will become another empty eyesore. 

Do the right thing for local businesses and return it to the glory it once had. It will be a win-win for everyone. Win for local entrepreneurs, win for the community by living in a quaint seaside atmosphere, and a win for the culture in general because that’s why people want to live here, for the beauty of such a place and not become condo row.

Michael and Carole Pascoe