A modern-day fairy tale 

Our presidential election has a mythological dimension to it that is important to reflect on and contemplate. So during an early morning walk on the beach I imagined Trump, Sanders and Clinton as mythical figures and archetypes. As I tended to my vision I saw Trump as the trickster, Sanders as the wizard, and Clinton as Hecate, the ancient Greek goddess of magic.   Archetypes are inherited parts of the psyche that are often presented by the unconscious in images. We all have archetypes running through our deepest selves and they fundamentally influence how we perceive and relate to the world around us. This includes how we perceive the three presidential candidates. Archetypes are not easily identifiable but can be powerful and difficult to resist. We may be attracted to or repelled by a candidate because his or her persona activates or constellates different feelings deep within our collective unconscious. These universal Archetypes impact our lives whether we are aware of them or not.  In my vision I saw Donald Trump as the trickster. Trickster is both a mythical figure and an inner psychic experience. Trickster likes to play the fool but can also be very charming. He likes to play tricks and can transform into anything he wants. In many cultures around the world the trickster is considered a great shape-shifter. One moment he can be serious and the next moment he can be silly and lewd. Some may see Trump as a clever hero while others will perceive him as a scam artist and bigot. Trickster is an accomplished messenger and thief whose origin goes back to ancient Greek mythology. He is capable of stealing anything he wants, including an election. Trickster reminds us of our shadow and is often self-destructive.  Bernie Sanders activated the wizard or Merlin archetype. Wizards act wise and enjoy sharing their insights with others. They look below the surface and are concerned about the deeper meaning of life. They support personal transformation and social responsibility. We find this popular character in many fairy tales. This mythical figure shows up in both The Hobbit and in the Harry Potter novels. Wizards are all-knowing, magical and can attract loyal followers. They often take on the role of teacher and mentor. People will follow someone who activates the wizard archetype because they will trust him or her and feel part of a noble cause. However, sometimes this mythical figure can be seen as fanciful and out of touch with reality. Sanders has benefited from this powerful archetype.  In my vision Hillary Clinton activated the Hecate archetype. This Greek mythical figure takes care of families in need and will not back down when challenged. She brings relief and comfort to everyone she meets. As the wise magician, she is both kind and generous. You can see her magical qualities being displayed by Glenda the Good Witch of the North in The Wizard of Oz. Glenda waves her wand through the air creating joy and hope. Although the magician archetype is powerful it is also dangerous because it contains the possibility of being perceived as the bad witch. If Clinton activates the bad witch archetype with voters and becomes the Wicked Witch of Wall Street she will have trouble being trusted and elected.  Trump, Sanders and Clinton are major characters in a modern-day fairy tale that will impact not only our lives but also the lives of future generations. As the Republican and Democratic National Conventions and presidential election loom ahead, it is hard to tell how this fairy tale will end but we will need more than hope if we are to live happily ever after. I suggest we check in with our higher selves, mindfully consider what each candidate is saying, and then don’t forget to vote on Nov. 8. 

Richard Durborow
CEO., FeelingsCount