By Raymond Freeman

Bill Maher (Real Time, HBO) believes we are “at the point in the horror movie” where we have figured out the “monster’s weaknesses” and can destroy it. 

 The monster has a vast ego, a loud mouth, a thin skin and a short fuse. He attempts pathologically to compensate for the emptiness of his soul with money and adulation. But he has the classic narcissistic personality, and these attempts merely increase his inner sickness. He lashes out emotionally when criticized, especially by women.

 He is a misogynist who once said, “Women? You have to treat ’em like sh*t.” Megyn Kelly had the nerve to ask him questions about women during a debate. Hence he attacked her for the crime of menstruating. It worked brilliantly. America’s money-grubbing, right-wing media loved the ratings generated by the monster and showered him with free airtime estimated at $1.9 billion.

 Regardless, he whined at the media for daring to question his charitable donations. The coward ducked out of the second debate with Kelly and instead held a fundraiser for veterans. So the Washington Post wanted to know what happened to the money. As it turned out, he coughed up the moolah only when shamed into it. He screamed bloody murder when cornered and revoked the Post’s press pass, purely out of spite.

 Republican Susana Martinez, governor of New Mexico, refused to endorse him and boycotted his rally. The monster could not cope with this lack of adulation, even though women and Hispanics are demographics vital to anyone running for office. He berated her mercilessly but skated away unscathed.

 The tipping point finally came when a judge had the temerity to release damaging documents (following a routine Freedom of Information Act motion). The loud mouth connected to the empty soul screamed uncontrollably and attacked the judge in the media. When asked why, the monster said, “I have a judge who’s very, very unfair. He knows he’s unfair. And I’ll win the Trump University case.”

 New York’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman would not agree. He sent a letter ordering Trump to stop using the word “university.” He later sued him for “straight-up fraud.” Trump boasted that “we teach success” and described Trump U’s faculty as “the best of the best.” In reality, they were hucksters who suckered yokels into maxing out their credit cards.

 Trump University was touted as a noble gesture by a big-hearted billionaire sharing his secrets of creating wealth, in person, no less. The Great Man, however, was conspicuous by his absence. One former staffer testified that he never saw him in seven months. He concluded that Trump was a sociopath who “preyed upon the elderly and uneducated to separate them from their money.” He quit the place as it engaged in “misleading, fraudulent and dishonest” practices. 

 Trump’s racket was to get desperate people to profit from other desperate people in foreclosure. His hucksters had lists of questions such as “Are they a single parent of three children that may need money for food?” For this, the only word is “monstrous.” The monster got his victims to write checks for $1 million, postdated three years. In three years they would be real money. Not surprisingly, in his book The Art of the Deal, Trump bragged, “I play to people’s fantasies.”

 Trump will supposedly build a wall to keep out Mexicans. In his sick mind he believes he cannot get a fair trial for Trump University because the judge has “Mexican heritage.” In fact, he was born in Indiana, as a prosecutor went after Mexican drug lords, and was appointed to the bench by a Republican governor. Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel could have set the trial in August, but granted Trump’s motion to delay it until after the election. This was hardly unfair, especially considering that Trump had already dragged the case out for six years.

Curiel is presiding over two federal cases against Trump. The second one was brought under RICO, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, as used against the Mafia. A motion for dismissal is set for hearing on July 18, coincidentally when the Republican Convention starts. Expect Trump to lose it, scream uncontrollably and ruin the convention.

 Trump’s overtly racist tantrums set off a storm of criticism. Senior Republicans were worried. Even Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, bootlicker to billionaires, wondered about his grasp of “the issues.” Even Newt Gingrich lectured him on political sensitivity. Recently, even right-wing diehards gagged in disgust at his stunningly crass exploitation of the Orlando shootings.

 There should, however, be a happy ending. Ladbrokes of London has been quoting Hillary as the odds-on winner, at 1-3 (bet $3, collect $4), and Trump at 5-2 against (bet $2, lose it). Like Bill Maher, it expects the monster will be destroyed. Unlike Trump, it puts its money where its mouth is. And wins.