“Thank God for socialism.”
Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie after Hurricane Katrina.

Donald Trump loves democratic socialism. Billionaires gain the most from taxpayers’ money. Here are 33 examples.

Security (9 items). Trump does not need a private army like a medieval baron. The U.S. military is the largest socialist program in the world. We all benefit whether or not we pay taxes. Purely as fun facts, socialism brought down Hitler and bin Laden. 

Homeland Security protects us from terrorist attacks. Customs and Border Protection, the largest law enforcement agency, regulates trade, imports and immigration. The CIA is vital to America’s security, as are the FBI and the Secret Service. All are pure socialism.

Thank God for socialism, said Gov. Chris Christie, R-New Jersey, after Hurricane Katrina. If disaster strikes, FEMA is there to pick up the pieces. Firefighters are rather useful during wildfires, one thinks. Anyone can call the police whether a tax payer or not. All are pure socialism.

Infrastructure (12). Do you like having mail delivered to your door and paying pennies to send mail anywhere? Enjoy the Post Office while you can; Republicans are killing it. Roads are socialism but are obviously vital to capitalism. Do you like to see at night? Thank socialism for street lights and snow removal and street repairs and buses that carry millions of people to work. Local mass transit and Amtrak carry hundreds of millions of passengers a year. 

Do you like safe drinking water? Do you like a sewer system to remove waste and prevent disease? Do you like having your garbage collected instead of having to dump it yourself? Do you like safe sanitation, too? Cholera is very nasty. Who pays for landfills? Thank socialism. 

Health (12). Medicare is one of the most popular programs in America. It is remarkably efficient, with overhead costs of 3 percent as opposed to private insurance’s 30 percent. We pay taxes to provide our grandparents with health care as we do not want to see their corpses in the streets. Medicaid does the same for the poor and the Veterans Administration for the ex-military. Republicans hate these programs, especially the VA, which they consistently starve of funds. But when people do not pay their outrageous medical bills, those bills do not magically disappear. The loss to the doctor or hospital gets passed on to everyone else.

Republicans do not hate Congressional Health Care. As they proclaim the evils of government-run health insurance, they are covered . . . by government-run health insurance. Very few Republicans opt out of it, yet they do not want you to have it, or even try it via a “public option.” You would like it better than the exorbitant private insurance you have now. But surely Republicans wanted government health insurance for the 9/11 rescue workers? Only when shamed into it by Democrats.

Republicans detest the Environmental Protection Agency because it cuts into their cronies’ profits. But if you do not like breathing mercury or drinking poisoned water, you should thank socialism for keeping you safe.

The Food and Drug Administration has stopped many harmful foods and dangerous drugs from being sold to the public. Despite attacks on it by Republicans, it prevents shameless profit-driven corporations sending harmful products to the market. We rather like safe food and drugs. Similarly, the USDA oversees the farming, agriculture and food industries to ensure food safety. 

You do not have polio because our federal government used taxpayer funds for vaccines. The Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are behind all this. Do you have a safe workplace? Thank OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

Is Obamacare socialism? No. Except as mentioned above, America’s health care system is privately owned. Obamacare is merely private insurance reform. It was first proposed by the conservative Heritage Foundation and actually signed into law by former Gov. Mitt Romney, R-Massachusetts. Even after six years, Republicans have not been able to propose an improvement to Obamacare. Yet their Noise Machine has conditioned people to hate it. Why? Follow the money.

Canada spends 2 percent of insurance revenues on administration. We spend 30 percent. This goes for thousands of different insurance plans and provider networks, mind-numbing bureaucracy, claim denials, lawsuits, profits, executive pay and conservative political contributions. Corruption? Nah, couldn’t be.

We spend a whopping 17.5 percent of our national economic output on health care. Other countries such as Canada spend one-half of that, but get much better results. They have government-run, single-payer health insurance. Do not confuse this program with “socialized medicine.” Canada’s medicine professionals are emphatically not government-owned. 

To be clear, again, socialism should not run everything. Mostly, free enterprise should run industry, supervised by adults, as in “The Wealth of Nations” (Adam Smith). Health insurance, however, is an obvious case where socialism is more efficient than free enterprise. Sorry to confuse you with the facts. I promise not to do it again.