Here are 46 more examples of America’s Democratic Socialism.

Education (9 items). Your child can get a free education at public schools. Did you go to college? You probably got financial aid through loans and scholarships. The Department of Education runs many of these benefits. It is very small but Republicans hate it. Why? Follow the money. Donald Trump gloated, “I love the poorly educated!” Obviously, they are easier to defraud, as with the now-bankrupt Trump “University.” (Interestingly, Trump’s trial in federal court for fraud will be in November.)

Those places where you check out books on the evils of socialism … are pure socialism. Libraries are publicly funded, as are many museums. The Public Broadcasting Service and National Public Radio are publicly funded. They drive conservatives wild. They rebut the propaganda of the corporate media lapdogs.

Science (6). Socialism from NASA put a man on the moon and shuttles into space. If you are reading this on the Internet, remember that the government started that, and GPS, too. The Department of Energy oversees nuclear weapons, nuclear reactors, nuclear waste and energy production (e.g., Hoover Dam).

Social insurance (9). Social Security is not technically socialism. It is a publicly run deferred annuity funded by payroll taxes. (Pay no taxes, get no benefits.) As such, it is entirely off-budget, not increasing national debt by one cent. Republicans hate it, but yet have “borrowed” (to wit, stolen) $2.6 trillion from it to pay for tax cuts for the super-wealthy. (Trump says publicly that he wants to keep it, but secretly has declared that he wants to abolish it “on moral grounds.”) Unemployment insurance is another insurance program funded by payroll taxes, as is disability insurance. Both stop people from starving in the streets.

Republicans detest food stamps even though their cost is miniscule. Ironically, dirt-poor conservatives in Red states get the most benefit. Public housing helps conservatives as well as liberals. The same is true for free school lunches. This program drives the religious right crazy, as does the Women, Infants and Children program. Jesus would have hated WIC (irony alert) as it helps poor families by providing nutrition and healthcare for children.

Is there anything Republicans loathe more than Welfare? Yet the cost of its two programs, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, is again miniscule. Ben Carson and other conservatives were kept alive by it. The Children’s Health Insurance Program partly funds health insurance for poor children. President Bush Junior twice vetoed attempts to expand it, since Ronald Reagan’s yarn about an entirely fictitious “welfare queen” still dominates Republican minds.

Corporate socialism (3). This licensed piracy costs Uncle Sam well over a trillion dollars every year in tax breaks and unnecessary subsidies. These go to immensely profitable corporations and vast agribusinesses. Let’s not forget the taxpayer bailouts of 2008 to rescue them. Republicans fight hard for genuine welfare queens.

Legal system (5). Laws do not appear by magic. We need lawmakers to make them and courts to enforce business contracts based on them. Socialism is responsible for “liberty and justice for all.” The Department of Justice tries to keep those repulsive private prisons honest. These licensed vampires work hard to lock you up and stick it to the taxpayer to boost their profits.

Government (10). Why have you not moved to Somalia to escape taxes? It is because you like civilization. Government on federal, state and local levels serves us in ways we take for granted. Do you like pleasant neighborhoods? Thank city planning. From the president down to the local dog catcher, civilization is brought to us by socialism.

The Census Bureau counts everyone every 10 years to ensure fair voting (until Republicans’ dirty tricks corrupt it, to the outrage of Amnesty International). The Peace Corps is a cultural and economic resource globally. The National Weather Service gives us tornado and hurricane warnings. The Internal Revenue Service collects the money to support all this evil socialism in a remarkably efficient way. Republicans consistently defund it, purely to let the super-wealthy pay less.

Recreation (4). It’s time for some R&R in a public park. Or we could go hiking in Wildwood Regional Park, camping in Yosemite National Park, or go to the beach. All are kept clean and safe by socialism.

In conclusion, our problem is not that we have too much socialism. America has far less than other advanced countries. The problem is that Republicans refuse to pay for what little socialism we do have. That is why national debt is now $19 trillion.

Trump’s tax plan would drive it up by another $9.5 trillion, plus interest (Tax Policy Center, Fortune, CNN Money). It is not hard to figure out why. Billionaires like Don the Con are its principal beneficiaries. Let’s call it “The Art of the Steal” … again from the poorly educated.