by Paul Moomjean

In my last article I took on a very contrarian view in defense of Bernie Sanders, arguing that having a Democratic-Socialist could be the best thing for the country after 16 years of craziness — because he’ll stalemate with Congress. Again, I agree with Sen. Sanders on very little, but I do believe him to be a genuine man who honestly believes European values to be the road for the freest country in the world. While conservatives tend to pontificate about free market economics and the positive value of capitalism, there is something to say about the idea that the rest of the Western world really seems to like big-brother systems with large safety nets. Why are so many millennials going with Sanders? Is it because the 74-year-old man is “new” and fresh? Or could it be because people between the ages of 25 and 35 see a country that promised capitalism’s appeal without the actual delivery? In a world of high gas prices, outrageous student loan debt and a housing market ready to burst again, where is the hope? That is why a Marco Rubio presidency might be the best chance at returning to a resurgent sense of American pride seen during the time of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan. In an America stepping away from American exceptionalism, Rubio might be the only one able to assure Americans that a positive future is ahead.

When people look at the frontrunners in the 2016 election they seem to be finding the angriest old men in the room. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are crying from the hilltops about all of America’s enemies, whether they be Muslims, Mexicans or millionaires. (Oh my!) Meanwhile, God bless them, but Hillary Clinton is not her husband circa 1992, nor is Ted Cruz a Ronald Reagan or a George W. Bush for that matter. Clinton wants to be the positive one, but she is just so fake and calculating, while Cruz has to say everything so precisely, as if he’s afraid the truth might slip out.

That is why Marco Rubio must win the GOP primary. He’s not dogmatic on any issue the American people are totally against. He’s faith-based without being a zealot. He believes that immigrants are people, too. He’s young. He’s conservative. He’s leading many national polls when it is between him and a Democrat. He might not be the loudest, but he is the shrewdest.

What makes Rubio such an attractive candidate is that he can appeal to millennials, too. As mentioned earlier, millennials are looking at the American Dream as an American Nightmare. Trump and Sanders are tapping into that fear with unattainable goals. Rubio has the ability and the political beliefs to look at student loans, immigration, national security and housing issues with a fresh perspective. He’s not afraid to take on the establishment. He has the ability to restore faith in the system that many of us grew up in with great success.

While national security needs to be a top priority, domestic issues will decide the next president. Sanders and Trump seem to be one- or two-issue candidates, proclaiming to be the savior of America’s ills, but common-sense political viewers know their rhetoric is just that: rhetoric. Nothing they want to do can be done or be done, with any seriousness. Rubio is the best politician in the bunch because he hasn’t upset the other side or his own party the way Clinton and Cruz have. Cruz is hated more by Republicans than Democrats for being the jerk who shut down the government by reading Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham to the American people.

“Shutting down the federal government and reading Dr. Seuss on the Senate floor are the marks of a carnival barker, not the leader of the free world,” New York Republican Rep. Peter King said back in 2015.

America is in such dire straits over her image, and none of the top-four frontrunners is going to fix her with the proposed plans and agendas. But Marco Rubio is the Barack Obama of the right. He’s the guy who can spark true hope and change. Rubio should win. In fact, Marco Rubio must win.