No to fossil-fuel plants!

Just say no to new fossil-fuel power plants! The proposals to build new fossil-fuel electric generating plants in Oxnard and Santa Paula need to be stopped in their tracks.

These power plants would be major new sources of oxides of nitrogen and particulates and would exacerbate the county’s existing air pollution problem. Despite the commendable efforts of the EPA, state ARB and local APCD, Ventura County air continues to exceed state and federal air quality standards for ozone and particulates. What’s that mean? It means that our air is unhealthy, especially for children and older people. We need reductions in emissions, not increases.  

And further, these plants would be major sources of CO2 emissions, contributing to global climate change. Let’s think globally and act locally by not allowing these plants to be built here.

What are the responsible alternatives?

First, Southern California Edison and the PUC need to really get serious about energy conservation, and be leaders in reducing energy use rather than continue the foot dragging that we’ve always seen. We are way past the time for business as usual that the PUC fosters and that only benefits Edison and its shareholders at the expense of all of us.

Second, Edison needs to invest more in solar and wind for generating electricity, and in energy storage for leveling out the electrical supply during evening hours when solar is at its lowest. We just installed a solar electric system on our house that sends electricity back through the meter into the grid. Now we hear that Edison is petitioning the PUC to cut in half the rate at which Edison currently pays small generators like us. Outrageous!

Edison would love to kill the solar and wind industries and just keep building more fossil-fuel power plants. Let’s say no to Edison. Let’s say yes to cleaner air and reduced climate change.

Phil White


Integrity of the GOP

Mr. Moomjean’s column “When Populism becomes Fascism” (Right Persuasion, 12/17) is almost right. He correctly describes the dangers contained in the language of Mr. Trump, and correctly describes how close to the fascism of past generations this rhetoric becomes.

What he gets wrong is ascribing the cause. It is not rooted in some over-concentration on Hillary Clinton or some other benign cause. It is rooted in the Republican Party’s welcoming of the racists kicked out of the Democratic Party with the passage of the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Acts in the 1960s. Nixon courted them in 1968 with his Southern Strategy; Reagan courted them in 1980 with his campaign opening speech extolling States Rights in Philadelphia, Mississippi. It is rooted in the racism in 2000 when Jeb Bush and Kathryn Harris blocked 90,000 legitimate Florida voters from voting.  It is rooted in the ongoing voter suppression tactics, including voter ID, concentration of polling places, reducing voting hours. It is rooted in 2008 in the Obama birth certificate issue. It is rooted in Reagan’s Justice Department lawyer who attempted to gut the voting rights act in the ’80s who became Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts, who finally succeeded in gutting it.

Sorry, Mr. Moomjean, your silence over the past 35 years as the Grand Old Party sacrificed all integrity in pursuit of victory enabled the rise of Donald Trump. John McCain, to his credit, spoke out against a slur on then-candidate Obama. All of the rest of you conservatives sat on our hands, gutless in your silence. You now reap what you have sown.

Norman Rodewald



Ventura beach disappointment

It is unfortunate that the city of Ventura has opted for a “hard solution” to coastal erosion at Surfers Point following the loss of a palm tree along the promenade. Indeed it’s ironic since the city was a strong proponent of the highly successful “managed shoreline retreat” project on the adjacent section of the point managed by the Fairgrounds. It’s also disappointing considering that they have a standing permit to renourish the beach with sand and cobble, but have been unable or unwilling to dedicate funding to maintain Ventura’s greatest asset. Indeed, intentional neglect is a useful strategy used to invoke the “emergency” loophole in the California Coastal Act.

Beachgoers will soon have to negotiate “a 265-linear-foot rock revetment, approximately 15 feet tall and 30 feet wide, consisting of approximately 1-3-ton stones.”  And it will not be long before the erosion caused by this new structure will necessitate even more rocks, forever changing Ventura’s famed “C Street” surf break.

Paul Jenkin
Surfrider Foundation, Ventura Chapter




Trump doesn’t want it!

It’s taken me months to figure out.  The bizarre behavior, the rude insults, the accusations, the name calling, the continual barrage of arrogant, unapologetic rants. Why would he do it? Why would any man vying for the most powerful position in the world — the presidency of the United States — come off so offensive and unpresidential?  For the longest time, I just couldn’t make sense of it.

Then it hit me!  He doesn’t want it! He never did! He knew from the start he wouldn’t be elected president! And for Donald Trump, that’s beautiful! Why? Because it’s all part of the plan, the culmination of an incredible, all-American bait and switch! That’s right. His campaign charade has been just another of the Donald Trump “Deals”! No, not just another deal — The Deal! 

Think about it. He enters the race and what does he get from the start? A priceless, gold-plated international platform. He creates unprecedented press coverage by angering a large, disgruntled segment of the American population that he knew would be ready to scream and holler and fight. He convinces those frustrated, gullible Americans, who are sick to death of a do-nothing government, to go all in!

And then what? The campaign implodes. It was designed to! Even members of his own party are helping him take care of that. He knows that’s inevitable, and he knows that for him that’s fantastic! Why? Because it’s the final step in his ultimate deal, the largest sales job of all time! The GOP will think it’s won when it’s thrown him out of the race, but remember, Trump is the master. He’ll walk away with world notoriety, an expanded international brand, millions of loud, belligerent and now fiercely loyal followers hungry for his next TV show or hotel/casino project or just about anything he puts the Trump name on. 

And best of all, he’ll inherit the ability to forever blame the “stupid idiots” in Washington for anything and everything that goes wrong in the future, simply by saying, “I told you, didn’t I? They’re dummies! They’re a bunch of fools! They have no idea! Had they treated me fairly, had they chosen me, it would all be fantastic! Believe me, it would be huge! Like nothing you’ve ever seen before! We’d have the wall. The most amazing wall you can imagine. And you’re damn right Mexico would have paid! We’d have shipped out every one of the 12 million, job-sucking, illegal aliens. We’d have China giving up its currency manipulation and begging for our products. We’d have the ISIS oil. Our gas prices would drop to nothing and they’d be out of business! It would be fantastic! Let me tell you, fantastic! But hey, what can I say. They chose wrong. They’re idiots! Am I right? Isn’t it obvious?  Sure it is!”

Not sure yourself? Imagine Washington if he did win. Would a man like Donald Trump be able to stomach a minimum of four years arguing with a hostile Democratic Congress? A bunch of "liberal idiots" that have no idea how to run a barnyard let alone a country? For that matter, could he live with the very real possibility of a hostile Republican Congress? Would the king of the “deal” be able to function as one of three constitutional powers, each with an equal share of decision-making authority?

letNo way. And he knows that. He’s known it all along!  It would drive him nuts! It would not be good business. It would not live up to the Trump reputation. And most of all it would not be recognized as an ultimate deal in which “The Donald” takes the GOP, the Dems and a large chunk of the American public to the cleaners on a bogus presidential run, and walks away with the grand prize, recognition as the exalted, glorious, undisputed King of the Great American Deal of Deals! I’m telling you — it would be huge!

Ray DiZazzo




Unswerving path

Fed chair Janet Yellen, in her transparency aims before Congress, provided a blanket of comfort in these worrisome times. Her views and answers offset much of terrorist and political rhetoric lurking about America’s security environment.

Yellen’s confidence and intellectual acumen remind me of President FDR’s take on fear — fear itself being the distorting villain it is.

The increasingly crowded space we share amid changing times makes solving problems resemble nasty Sudoku puzzles. Big money and special-interest bribers are not new to our system. But more than in the past they are crippling our congressional bodies from acting in the best interests of the nation.

In days of the past when room for error was less risky (and experimental aims of growth may have had logic) the august groups of Washington were able to compromise more easily, as the design intended. Change has largely altered much of that flexibility.

It is no time to panic. Corporations and wealthy entities, however defined, (or the electorate at large) may never agree on the meanings of fairness and balance. The original design that our forefathers postulated was modeled in part on the Greek ideal of moderation.

America is yet in the process of becoming. Her path is cluttered with old and new blocks to stumble over but the course she is traveling on is unswerving.  




No more new taxes

So once again the mentally challenged council members have decided to show Mr. Neal Andrews which way the wind blows. You appoint a newbie as Mayor (assistant DA Erik Nasarenko) and Neal gets second seat; if he had any self-worth he would have told you where to stick the vice mayor position.

Now there has to be something within the Ivory Tower that affects the minds of anybody that is elected to the council and gets to sit in one of the stuffed leather chairs behind the dais. Now the first words that come out of the “New Mayor’s” (assistant DA Erik Nasarenko) mouth is “RAISE TAXES.”

With all the money that this city tosses around for useless programs such as the Red Light program, the wonderful Bus Stop at the Mall, the money that was spent on design for Art at the Sewer Plant, the exorbitant salaries paid to a handful of top executives, the money-losing Art Colony, forgiving the city Housing Authority a $500,000 loan, the fact that in a city of 110,000 you see a need for a city attorney’s office with six lawyers and whenever there is a lawsuit you go for the outside council at a cost of millions of dollars. This is just a small smattering of where this council decides to toss our tax money.

Now we have the city transportation department wanting to install a million-dollar sidewalk on Cedar Street even knowing we can’t keep up with the deterioration of the sidewalks and curbs we have now. 

We seriously don’t need any more taxes. What we need is a new council that has just a smattering of common sense.

Rellis Smith




Find a new expression

Re” “Soft Bigotry” by Norman Rodewald, VC Reporter, Nov. 19

Mr. Rodewald:  Although you believe that by redefining how bigotry is expressed can now be termed “soft bigotry,” I believe that is a dangerous road you are traveling. There is no such thing.

Bigotry has a purpose: To hurt, to deny, to put down, to exclude, to belittle, to do as much damage as possible to “the other,” and yes, even to kill, as we know too well. There is nothing “soft” about it, none of it. Your examples do show that the bigots want to find language that is more acceptable and I realize that you wished to make a point, but to use the words “soft” and “bigotry” together is to create an oxymoron. I understand what you are trying to say, but the word “soft” denotes gentle, easy, comfortable, cozy, and while I am certain that bigots feel those things when acting out their bigotry, their victims do not ever, ever, ever feel that way.

I do agree that Mr. Moomjean, with his ultra-right-wing fanatical religious rhetoric does not belong as a teacher, in any school. He should be working for a right-wing group (who knows? maybe he is) that spouts his stuff. But I do get concerned when a good liberal like yourself starts to identify any form of bigotry as “soft.”

Please find a new expression, Mr. Rodewald.  

Jan Richman Schulman



Disarm them

By gum, they were right! We are subject to terrorist attacks, right here in this country, killing American citizens. Fanned by extremist rhetoric and abetted by easily accessible weaponry, they spray unsuspecting civilians with gunfire and set fire to buildings.

Syrian refugees? Muslim jihadists?

Nope, the terrorist in Colorado Springs didn’t shout “Allahu Akbar” but “No more baby parts.”  The arsonist(s) in Santa Barbara didn’t say anything, just set a fire fortunately not injuring anyone this time.

And these are not by the first acts of violence perpetrated by fanatical anti-abortionists against women’s clinics, staff and patients. There have been many burned clinics, assassinated doctors, injured and killed bystanders in various parts of the country.

Instead of being manipulated by “cultural” warriors and fear-mongering politicians, maybe the public could take a good look at where actual terrorism is coming from and demand federal help in infiltrating these groups and disarming them before more people are killed.  

Margaret Morris



Drivers must stop

I have sometimes been surprised, even aghast, at comments made in your editorials/commentary. But this is the first time I felt compelled to write about it.

In Nov. 5th’s “Get out of your comfort zone,” you wrote: “A pedestrian is standing at a crosswalk where it is optional for a driver to stop, such as the crosswalk along Harbor Blvd in Ventura . . ..” Pray tell, where did you hear that there are any crosswalks in the state of California, particularly in Ventura, “where it is optional for a driver to stop”?

Perhaps you got this idea from the recording at the lighted crosswalks in Ventura, which announce to pedestrians, in two languages, “Careful, oncoming vehicles may not stop.” Please be aware, this is not a law, this is a disclaimer by the city of Ventura to protect itself from lawsuits. Unfortunately, many drivers use this as an excuse to speed through crosswalks filled with people crossing.

I have spent these last few days reviewing the state motor vehicle code, the county code, Ventura city code and I find NOWHERE do these regulations give drivers an option NOT to STOP. There are warnings to pedestrians about deliberate obstruction of traffic, however this does not give drivers the right to ignore the law.  

Ziphora Wheeler



Put a muffler on it

Why is it that the Ventura city and County allow motorcyclers to speed up and down our streets and highway with no mufflers? Clearly the noise upsets the residents, not to mention dogs, cats and horses. Today on Main Street in Ventura there were no less than two dozen “men” displaying their racing ability and very noisy “bikes.” Which is clearly against the law! When will Ventura enforce a law that has been in effect for over 30 years?

CHP Bulletin NO.98-100 Excessive Noise Enforcement Passenger Vehicles, Light Truck and Motorcycles. The California Highway Patrol, Commercial Vehicle Section, has received many inquiries about excessive noise emitted by passenger vehicles, light trucks and motorcycles. Enforcement personnel and the public have inquired regarding enforcement of the Vehicle Code sections pertaining to excessive noise emitted by these vehicles. Excessive noise is primarily a nuisance issue rather than a safety concern, and determination of excessive noise is subjective. For this reason, enforcement personnel are to exercise sound professional judgment in making a determination of violation. The following guidelines provide guidance to enforcement personnel regarding appropriate enforcement procedures.

Enforcement Guidelines. The only drivers who should be cited are those whose vehicles: 1) are not equipped with a muffler 2) clearly emit an offensive, harsh, excessive noise, or 3) have a clearly defective exhaust systems (holes, leaks, etc.)

Clearing Citations. When clearing excessive noise citations issued by the CHP or allied agencies, personnel are to consider exhaust systems in compliance if they incorporate a reasonably effective muffler, do not emit an offensive, harsh, excessive noise, and appear to be in good repair.

Doesn’t the VC require a muffler on every vehicle? Yes. Section 27150 VC requires that every motor vehicle subject to registration be equipped with an adequate muffler. There are no exceptions — all vehicles must be equipped with a muffler, as defined in Section 425 VC. A turbocharger is not considered a muffler.

Aren’t all exhaust system modifications prohibited? No. Section 27151 VC prohibits the modification of the exhaust system to amplify or increase the noise emitted by the vehicle, making the vehicle not in compliance with Section 27150 VC or exceeding the noise limits established in Sections 27201-27206 VC. Section 27151 VC does not prohibit all modifications to an exhaust system. It also does not prohibit all modifications that increase the noise level of the exhaust system over that of the original, factory-installed exhaust system (as it did until 1980). It only prohibits modifications that result in a noise level higher than those specified in Sections 27201-27206 VC.

Accurately determining compliance with Sections 27201-27206 VC for enforcement purposes is generally impractical. Enforcement personnel must make an informed professional evaluation to determine if excessive noise statutes are being violated. What is an informed evaluation when babies are crying, dogs are barking, women drop their packages and car alarms are going off up and down our street? It’s time to enforce them! Put a muffler on it or leave it in the garage.  

Jay North








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