Ventura County Animal Services is on the hunt for a person that they say mutilated a family pet, leaving the remains in a local park to be found early Monday morning.

Animal Services say that the dog, a neutered black and white Parsons Russel Terrier mix, died of blunt force trauma, had been skinned and then left in the northwestern part of Simi Valley’s Foothill Park. Thirty yards away from the body, the dog’s blue collar was found, along with identification tags that led police to the owners who say that the dog had last been seen at 7 p.m. on Sunday evening. The owners were "understandably distraught," according to an Animal Services press release.

A necropsy performed by the county veterinarian determined that the dog had been "badly mutilated" post-mortem.

"This is a deliberate and heinous act of animal violence and one of the worst cases I have seen. We need the community’s assistance in catching this perpetrator as there is no doubt in my mind that they will do this again to another animal," said Tara Diller, director of Ventura County Animal Services. "This is not only a horrific crime against a loving family pet, but this is a crime against our society as a whole. The link between animal abuse, child abuse, domestic violence and elder abuse is real."

Animal Services is looking for tips that would lead to the culprit. If you heard or saw any suspicious activity at Foothill Park on Sunday night into Monday morning, please call Ventura County Animal Services Officer Bryan Bray at (805) 383-4717.