FOR OUR BEST OF VENTURA COUNTY 30 YEAR milestone, we contemplated various themes and, in particular, a look back at 1985 stood out. We decided to do something a little fun and celebrate the cult film classic Back To The Future and its 30-year anniversary, showcasing some of the winners in various scenes from the movie.

This year, we had a record number of voters cast over 200,000 votes and we saw a bit of a shake up with numerous businesses placing in the top three that hadn’t done so previously.

Ventura County is a wonderful place to be and we are pleased to present this, our biggest and best publication of the year to you. Thank you to all of our readers, clients and winners.

We work hard to produce this compendium each year and hope that you enjoy it!



Enjoy this year’s Best Of Ventura County!

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Doc Emmet Brown’s DeLorean time machine from Back To The Future is seen racing off to the future on the Pacific Coast Highway at Mugu Rock and returning from the past in front of the Majestic Ventura Theater.