He’s been warning us for years. Consciously and subconsciously. Whether it be by hinting at running for president in 2012 with the “birther” movement behind him or by putting his name everywhere in the world like a peeing dog in heat, Donald Trump has finally done what he has only danced around for years. He’s running for president of the United States of America.

Think about that idea if you haven’t already. President of the United States of America. Sometimes we just say “president” as a shorthand slang word, but in fact the actual title includes the words “of the United States of America.” As in, the leader of the free world. As in, the commander of the United States military. As in, the man with veto power.

He came out with a bang, so far declaring illegal immigrants from Mexico as drug users, killers, and rapists, and he hasn’t backed down an inch since making his Reagan-like declaration, “Make America great again!” He’s even gotten Jon Stewart to create the comical hash tag #whosdoingtheraping that’s been used as a mockery of Trump’s quote “Who’s doing the raping?” while on CNN. Many saw this as a flash-in-the-pan candidacy like 2012’s turntable of GOP candidates. Remember when Herman Cain was the frontrunner? But Trump’s brand-new frontrunner standing is different from the rest. He’s the most open-book candidate we’ve ever seen. While Cain had to deal with sexual scandals, Trump’s sexual sins are all part of the branding. The trading up of models, the politically incorrect racial innuendo, the business deals, etc., are what makes him both disgusting and desirable. No scandal will force him to step down, but instead only push him up. We expect better from our politicians, yet he’s not a politician.

He’s one of the great “famous for being famous” men from the 1980s. A real estate tycoon billionaire with a hairpiece off the prop table of a rejected Carrot Top joke, Trump can say and do anything he pleases and not feel the need to defend himself because no one is truly that shocked. Had Chris Christie (the former bad-boy loudmouth of the Republican Party) said anything remotely within the same ballpark, he would have been kicked off the campaign trail so fast he’d have lost that last 20 pounds to make him more aesthetically electable. But Trump isn’t a slave to the GOP donors or party, and that is what makes Mr. You’re Fired the most dangerous candidate yet.

So far he’s raised no money, asked for no help, joked about Oprah being his running mate, and is starting his rallying call to end illegal immigration once and for all. His anti-Mexico rhetoric is creating a cult following even in Latino-heavy states like Arizona.

“Due to the overwhelming response for Saturday’s rally in Phoenix, Arizona, the venue has been changed to accommodate the thousands of people expected to attend, and the event will now take place at the Phoenix Convention Center,” Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks said in a statement, referring to Trump’s anti-illegal-immigration platform.

The media seems shocked and dismayed. Right now Jeb Bush and Rand Paul look like compassionate saints compared to the barking Trump, but the left-wing media, as always, gets it wrong. Trump’s popularity stems from his specific attack on illegal immigration, not all immigration. To call Trump’s rhetoric racist is too simple. It is classist and socio-economical. Trump sees the threat of our way of life coming from those who come to America illegally. He doesn’t mind the legal Latino families who live and work and pay taxes. He’s used amped-up speech to excite a Tea Party part of conservatism because they feel left out. He’s exciting and ironically new. He’s the inside-outsider who wants to pull down the temple on the GOP’s head so he can rebuild it into the Trump Party, so he can finally do what he’s wanted since making his first dollar, which is to put his name on America.

And if by some hair-brained scheme he pulls off what William Randolph Hearst or the Rockefellers never could, then he’ll make us call him the president of the United States of Trumperica.